7 Best YouTube Engagement Calculators You Must Try in 2024

There are different ways to build strategies to grow on social media platforms. Many marketers and influencers often look for different kinds of services to grow on YouTube. There are some sites that people visit to buy YouTube subscribers. But sometimes you need to take a look at your analytics to understand your performance. Marketers often need to find the right influencers. One of the ways to filter out the fake ones is to check the engagement metrics of the channel. Today, we will take a look at YouTube engagement calculators. These can provide different engagement metrics for YouTube channels.

  1. YouTube Studio

If you want a good YouTube engagement analytics tool then one option is YouTube Studio. It is YouTube’s native analytics tool that one can use to keep a tab on their YouTube performance. Many people use different strategies including using services to buy YouTube subscribers. To know your growth you need an analytics tool and YouTube studio fulfils that role. To go to YouTube Studio either directly search for it or click on your profile icon on YouTube. You can see the option for YouTube studio there. There you will see a dashboard which features some metrics about your YouTube channel. If you want more details you can go to the advanced mode. This gives more details about the analytics.

  1. Octoboard

Octoboard is a platform that businesses and brands use to collect and make sense of data. If you are looking for engagement analytics from YouTube then you can use this tool. The tool allows users to not only collect data but to make reports out of them as well. This is why it is a tool for businesses, brands and marketers. They can collect data and make reports for presentations. The site also lets you add your branding to the reports. This means that brands can have their own custom design on the reports. You can add the dashboard or report directly to your website. So, if you are looking for a versatile tool that can help your YouTube and social media marketing check it out.

  1. NinjaOutreach

Brands often want to vet out fake influencers and search for real ones. Knowing the engagement metrics and the various analytics can help a lot in this. NinjaOutreach is a company that provides analytics data on YouTubers. You can search for any YouTuber and you will get all the engagement for that channel. The site shows the total subscribers as well as the total channel views. You can also see the engagement percentage for a particular channel as. The tool also shows the like percentage for the videos. All this can give you some pretty good idea about how good a channel is and whether it can help with promoting your brand. 

  1. Grin.co

Having a lot of followers on social media is pretty good. But if those followers are not interacting with your content then there’s a problem. If any brand or marketer wants to look at a YouTube channel and understand the engagement metrics of the channel then they can use the engagement calculator by Grin.co. It is a tool that can provide data on channels. You can find quality engagement analytics that can give an overview of the channel. Besides YouTube, the tool also has engagement calculators for Instagram and TikTok. So, you can get engagement data on influencers from all three popular platforms.

  1. Phlanx

Phlax is a company that offers tools for marketers for social media and digital marketing and promotion. If you are struggling with your strategies or need to streamline your processes you can check out the suite of tools that Phlanx offers. From auditors and engagement calculators for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Twitch to social listening, influencer directory and much more. The tool is not free to use though. You need to buy a subscription to use the calculator for YouTube engagement. Once you have the subscription you can see the metrics of all the channels. There are tracking tools that can help you track your competitors on various platforms.

  1. SocialBlade

Analytics are important. Knowing the numbers can help you grow. There are many different strategies. People often look for the best place to gain YouTube subscribers because that is a strategy they use. But if you want the most popular tool for YouTube analytics then SocialBlade is a good one. It is a site that a lot of people use to get an overview of a YouTube channel. You can get their engagement rates as well as their subscriber count. You can also track subscribers’ growth per week as well as weekly video views. Though not completely accurate the site does show the estimated earnings of YouTube channels as well.

  1. Enfluenso

Marketers need engagement calculators to find influencers with good engagement rates. Enfluenso is a tool that makes the whole process of influencer marketing very simple. You audit YouTube channels and find out the engagement analytics. Then you can connect with Influencers and start your influencer marketing campaign. The tool also provides services that can help you track the performance of the campaign so far. You just have to enter the channel name on the search bar. The tool will find the basic engagement statistics for the channel. Visit the site for more info.

So, these were the tools that you can use to find out more about a channel. Most of them are paid tools. You can get more detailed analytics when you pay for the subscription. Not only that, some sites even help you connect with the right influencers. But in general, if you just want to have an overview of a channel you can use free tools. One of the popular free ones to check out the details of other channels is SocialBlade. You can easily take a look at the channel analytics for any YouTube channel. If you want to buy an engagement calculator then connect with customer support of the site. Ask them about all the features that you will get if you subscribe to a plan. This way you know what to expect. 

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