8 Ways to Protect Your Eyes if You Often Use TV or Phone

Gadgets have become an integral part of our lives. Phones, tablets, computers, and televisions are essential tools for work and entertainment. How do you watch a TV series after a day of work and minimize damage to your eyes?

Do a Warm-up for the Eyes According to the “20-20-20” Rule

A simple and effective formula:

  • Work or watch The Big Bang Theory for 20 minutes.
  • Take a break and for 20 seconds look 6 meters into the distance.

Where is the third 20 in this rule lost? Sheldon would have given a lecture for half an hour, but we can do it faster – 6 meters is about 20 feet.

A little break will take the pressure off our eyes. And then you can go back to your favorite gadget.

Take a Break Every Hour

To reduce eye fatigue, take a break every 45-60 minutes you spend at the computer. You can’t take too many breaks. Especially when you can legally step away from the screen.

During the break, you should be away from all gadgets. Switching from the computer where you work to the phone to play slot machine games online or chat with friends is a bad idea. Your eyes won’t thank you for it, but they will definitely be grateful for a little exercise.

Eye exercises:

  • To relax the eye muscles, squeeze the eyes tightly for 3-5 seconds and open them for 3-5 seconds, repeat 5-10 times.
  • To prevent dry eyes, blink quickly for 1-2 minutes.
  • To improve blood circulation – close your eyelids and massage with light circular movements of your fingers for a minute.
  • To improve the circulation of the intraocular fluid – for 1-2 seconds, gently press the upper eyelid with three fingers, repeat 3-5 times.
  • To relieve fatigue – close and relax the eyes for 1-2 minutes.

Keep the Screen Clean

Fingerprints, dust and streaks on the gadget screen negatively affect vision. First of all our eyes focus on distracting details, which are in the foreground, and only then the gaze moves to the image itself on the monitor or smartphone screen. Eyes tire more quickly because of the constant bouncing from foreground to background.

To strain your eye muscles less – keep your laptop, TV, and phone screen clear.

Enable “Read Mode”

A phone or computer screen emits blue light, which stresses the eyes the most. In addition, blue light photons negatively affect the retina and block the production of melatonin, which is important for adequate and healthy sleep.

You can reduce the harmful effects of blue light by switching to reading mode. Warm shades of color palette will relieve eye muscle tension in the evening and at night, and during the day, it’s better to use the automatic brightness control.

Don’t Use the Gadget While Driving

Reading or watching videos in transportation or while walking in the park is bad for your eyes. The constant change of light and vibration while driving or walking keeps the eye from focusing on the gadget screen. In this mode, your eyes become strained, red, and tired faster. If your hands are drawn to your smartphone while you’re on the road, we offer an alternative:

  • Call family or friends.
  • Listen to music or an interesting podcast.
  • Turn on an audiobook.

Set Comfortable Fonts

Large font will reduce eye muscle strain: the larger the font size, the easier it is to read text from the phone screen. When viewing content from a smartphone, it’s best not to use sites and apps that aren’t adapted for the mobile version. Fonts on non-adapted resources are very small – your eyes will quickly tire from browsing pages.

When constantly working at the computer, use a font size from 12 and replace the usual Times New Roman with Verdana, the latter is recognized as the most harmless to vision:

  • Reduces visual strain due to the absence of serifs on the letters.
  • Increases the perception of the meaning of the text.
  • Allows you to read the text without eye strain, even with a small font size.

Use an Anti-reflective Film

Glare on the glossy surface of your smartphone or tablet is harmful to your vision – you have to stare at the screen and strain your eyes to read the information or examine the image.

Matte anti-glare film disperses the sun’s rays and reflects almost no light from the screen, protecting your eyes from glare, and your gadget screen from scratches. Using the gadget with this film is comfortable even in bright sunlight and the minimum brightness level in the phone settings.

Wear Computer Goggles

Another useful purchase for office workers and those who like to watch series before going to bed.

The special lens coating in computer glasses protects your eyes from screen flicker. Glasses improve image quality, make reading easier and reduce eye fatigue by redistributing the focal load.

Consult a doctor before buying computer glasses, even if you want a model without dioptres. Your doctor will choose the protective coating that won’t harm your vision and will be most effective for you.

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