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Meena Harris (Meenakshi Ashley Harris) is a well-known American lawyer and author of children’s books. She also supports many charities. In addition, many popular figures also support her campaigns such as Tracee Ellis Rose, Cecile Richards, Serena William and others. She is also the niece of Vice President Kamala Harris. Harris has social media pages through which she connects with her followers. She is a competent and independent woman. She is close to her aunt Kamala Harris. Meena has worked as a lawyer for large companies like Uber, Slack Technologies, Facebook, etc.

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Early life and education of Meena Harris

Meenakshi Harris’ date of birth is October 20, 1984. Her mother’s name is Maya Harris, a lawyer and policy expert. The name of Meena Harris’ biological father is not available. But she did help her mother meet Tony West. He is Meena Harris’ stepfather.

Many people in the Meena Harris family are famous in their careers. In addition, her aunt is Kamala Harris and she is the Vice President of the United States. Shyamala Gopalan is her grandmother and she was an Indo-American cancer researcher. Her grandfather’s name is Donald Harris and he is a Jamaican-American professor at Stanford.

Career and Achievements

Meena Harris career

Meena Harris, like her mother and aunt, chose law as a career. Her family is full of bright and successful women. This is why Meena was very inspired from an early age. She graduated from Harvard Law School, one of the best law schools in the country according to data from TestMaxPrep.

In addition, she had a brief legal career. She was a data protection and cybersecurity lawyer at a large global law firm. But after that, Meena decided that the traditional legal career was not for her. Her grandmother and aunt motivated her to rectify things that she thinks are wrong.

Then, for a while, she started working as a senior policy and communications advisor. She started a small project based on the words of Maya Angelou’s poem. She had the words Phenomenal Woman printed on the tees. The money she got from selling the shirts was donated to Planned Parenthood and Girls Who Code. These are some of the issues she cares about a lot.

Now her t-shirt business has grown into a phenomenal action campaign for women. In addition to t-shirts, she sells hats, leggings, sweatshirts, jumpsuits and more.

Meena Harris has written two children’s books titled Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea and Ambitious Girl. The books are based on the childhood of her mother Maya Harris and her aunt Kamala Harris.

The personal life of Meena Harris

Meena Harris is a married woman and her husband’s name is Nikolas Ajagu. With him, she has two adorable daughters named Amara and Leela. They are both looked after by their father at home. Meena Harris works full time and is therefore happy to leave her children in the care of their father and grandparents.

According to Meena, the children are surrounded by beloved grandparents and a great aunt. Her first daughter Amara wants to be an astronaut and president. The eldest daughter is bookish and serious. On the other hand, the youngest of the Leela girls is playful and playful. Kamala Harris takes her role as a great aunt very seriously.

Meena Harris partner Nikolas Ajagu

Relationship with mom and stepfather

Meena Harris was just four years old when she introduced Tyler West to her mother Maya Harris. West was another Maya Harris law student at Stanford Law School. When Harris came to meet her mother on campus, she played hide and seek with Tyler West in Arthur E. Cooley Courtyard. Then Maya and West became friends and started dating.

Then the couple got married in 1998. They are now enjoying their life as parents and grandparents. West is now Chief Legal Officer at Uber.

Relationship with her aunt

Meena Harris has a very good relationship with her Aunt Kamala Harris. More than her aunt, she is like her friend. They both spend a lot of quality time together. Sometimes Meena shares family time that she spends with her aunts, like cooking, dancing, etc. Her children Amara and Leela are also very close to their great aunt. In addition, she worked for her aunt in the Senate.

But she also received criticism from her supporters for stopping using her aunt’s fame for her campaigns. This has repeatedly affected the promotion of its brands by Meena.

Meena Harris net worth

Meena Harris’s net worth is $ 500,000. She is an author, activist, lawyer, producer and more. Through her Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign, she creates fashion that inspires and motivates women. At thirty-seven, she is a busy woman.

Meena Harris’ husband Nikolas Ajagu is the founder of Code & Canvas and Barrel & Ink. He was also part of NextPoint Financial, Inc. Prior to that he also worked at Ecosystem Venture. Her net worth is $ 1 million.


Meena has a successful career and personal life. The Harris family rose to prominence after Kamala Harris served as vice-president.

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