Allan Domb Resigns from Philadelphia City Council Ahead of Potential Mayoral Run – NBC Boston

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Philadelphia City Councilman Allan Domb resigned from his post Monday, in what may be a prelude to a 2024 mayoral run, the Philadelphia Business Journal reports.

Domb, a Democrat who has served as an at-large councilor since 2016, told the Business Journal on Monday afternoon that he is contemplating a decision to enter the race for the city’s top leadership role. Philadelphia statutes require city officials to resign from their positions before seeking another position.

“We really need a leader, a champion, someone who… really wants this job, and who never gives up on our city, and who has a vision to bring real solutions to real problems that we’re facing, and specifically, it’s public safety,” Domb said. “That’s our number one problem.”

While Domb didn’t reveal when his early announcement might take place, he plans to go on a citywide listening tour to take the temperature of constituents who call Philadelphia home, reports Once again, he underscored security concerns that he has heard anecdotally.

“If people don’t feel safe where they live, that’s a problem and we need to solve it,” he said. “We have to solve that problem.” has more from Domb, who called Philadelphia a “city at a crossroads.”

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