Beat sugar cravings with these effective diet and lifestyle tips

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It is natural to have, and also to yield to sugar cravings sometimes. But doing it on a daily basis can be harmful to your health. As such, a good way to get these cravings under control is to understand and analyze your diet and pay attention to what you eat.

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To help you make healthy food choices, nutritionist Nidhi S took to Instagram to share how certain tweaks can help ward off cravings.

“Do you also crave sugar after lunch?” Making the following changes might help,” she said.

*If you eat too much starch and not enough fat and/or proteinadd more legumes, tofu, paneer to your diet.
*Deficiencies in certain minerals such as zinc, chromium, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium can lead to sugar cravings.
“Magnesium deficiency deserves particular attention. Adding enough chia, sesame seeds, pistachios and fruit to your diet will ensure you get enough of these nutrients. Eat more bananas for adequate potassium intake” , she advised.
* Vitamin D or B12 deficiency impacts nutrient absorption in the body. You should have your vitamin D intake checked if you haven’t done so recently. If the nutrients aren’t absorbed, you’ll still crave food. Add more green, leafy vegetables to food.

Avoid refined or white sugar in your diet. (Source: Representative Image/Pexels)

*Chronic stressor poorly managed stress, can lead to high cortisol levels that stimulate appetite, especially sugar cravings, with the end result being weight gain or difficulty shedding unwanted pounds.
* Lack of sleep can increase appetite by altering hormones, making us more likely to eat sugary foods.
* Water is especially important when trying to cut down on sugar because it improves the digestive system so that toxins are removed from the body more efficiently.

“Keep the above points in mind. Get them right to reduce your sugar cravings,” she added.

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