Revealing the Status of Big Ed and Liz’s Relationship: Are They Still Together?

Big Ed Brown and Liz Wood are the star actors of 90 Days Fiancé. The revelation of his love interest for Liz Wood has been made by Big Ed Brown to his fans and followers. They have become a topic of conversation among people these days.

The dating of both individuals has sparked numerous questions. They encountered each other during the filming of season 1 of the Discovery+ spinoff, 90 Day: The Single Life. Their connection was rekindled during season 2, leading to the announcement of their quick engagement. However, the question remains: Are they still together after all the drama surrounding them?

If you wish to find out, simply scroll down and read this article in its entirety. All the details about Big Ed Brown and Liz Wood are covered in this post.

How Did Big Ed Brown and Liz Wood Meet on 90 Days Fiance?

Liz and Big Ed were brought together at a local restaurant in San Diego, where Liz worked as a manager and owned the establishment. As a single woman with a young daughter, Liz caught Ed’s attention, and they began engaging in conversations, initially forming a friendship. The connection between them grew stronger as they worked together on 90 Days season 1, leading Ed to develop feelings for Liz.

Their Separation was Confirmed on Season 1 of 90 Days

During the Tell-All show hosted by Shaun Robinson, Liz appeared to express her emotions and share the story of their breakup. She revealed that Ed’s actions were responsible for the deterioration of their relationship, which started when they became an official couple. The rapid introduction to his daughter, sister, and brother in subsequent weeks overwhelmed Liz, and she found herself unable to handle the situation on her own.

Despite introducing Ed to her grandparents and never expecting their relationship to reach this point, Liz and Ed came to the difficult realization that a breakup was necessary. Their paths diverged, and they couldn’t see a way to continue their journey together.

Both of them acknowledged their individual issues that contributed to the breakup, leaving their fans and followers in suspense about the possibility of a reconciliation and a resolution of their differences.

90 Days: The Single Life Season 2 sees the return of Big Ed Brown.

After experiencing a breakup with Liz Wood, Ed made a commitment to his personal growth and healing. Going through a challenging phase in his life, Ed decided to explore dating multiple girls in the hopes of moving on from the heartbreak.

One of these girls was Kaory, who was set up with him by his friend Laura. Taking the time to get to know Kaory, Ed traveled to her home country of Mexico to meet her in person.

Aware of their differing life goals, they both made an effort to enjoy each other’s company. However, in a surprising turn of events, Ed revealed in his episode that Kaory had ghosted him, leaving him without any response.

A reunion occurred between Big Ed Wood and Liz Wood.

In the journey of his love finding in Mexico, Big Ed Wood experienced failure. Upon his return to San Diego, his beloved dog passed away shortly after. In the Follow-up episode, it was explained to everyone how lucky Big Ed Wood was to have flowers sent by friends and family, including one from Liz Wood, amidst the loss of his dog named Teddy.

The revelation of Liz Wood’s caring gesture led to their reconnection. Their romance was reignited, culminating in an engagement. The sight of Big Ed Brown and Liz Wood together at a club in Santa Barbara, California, wearing a diamond ring on Liz’s left-hand third finger, shocked fans.

The engagement was confirmed in November 2021 during an interview. Big Ed Wood shared that after the passing of his dog Teddy in August, he invited Liz to dinner at his home. During their conversation, they discussed their relationship issues and important questions that hold significance for their upcoming marriage.

One of the questions asked was, “Am I your forever?” by Big Ed Wood to Liz. Her response was affirmative. Ed wasted no time in getting down on one knee, presenting her with a diamond ring he had purchased.

Is Big Ed Brown and Liz Wood returning for 90 Days Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Resistance was encountered by the couple from Ed’s relatives and significant trust issues were faced prior to their marriage, which were documented throughout the season. The reunion of Ed and Liz left everyone shocked and numerous questions were raised about the arrival of Liz back in Ed’s life.

Trust was established by both of them for each other. Agreement was reached by both parties to demonstrate honesty, integrity, and a genuine understanding of their concerns. In August 2022, during the debut on the cameras, Ed disclosed this information, leaving his parents in a state of shock.


A state of happiness is currently experienced by Ed and Liz as they are together. The bridging of any gaps and the establishment of a solid foundation of trust between them can be facilitated by clear and open communication before the journey of marriage is embarked upon.

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