Biography of Jaguar Wright and the death of her son

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You may know many famous singers. Do you know the singer who dated rapper Common? Her name is Jaguar Wright. This is the stage name of Jacquelyn Suzette Wright-Johnson. Jaguar Wright is a famous American R&B singer, narrator and songwriter. Her age is now 45. Wright is a singer who worked hard for success. Some of her famous raps are The Roots, Jay Z and Blackalicious. In addition, she also made the news by accusing rapper Common of sexual misconduct. Then once she alleged that R&B star Mary J. Blige had had affairs with various women.

Therefore, we can say that Jaguar Wright is very frank about her opinions on others. Here you can know all the details about this famous R&B singer.

Place of origin

Jaguar Wright was born in New Jersey. Then she moved to Philadelphia at the age of 12. Because of this, she was introduced to the group The Roots as they are also from Philadelphia. She is very connected to her hometown and to her community.

Jaguar Wright: fame and career

Jaguar Wright met hip hop group The Roots in 1998. She toured with them and got a lot of exposure. Then in 2001, she worked as a backing vocalist for Jay-Z. She also appeared in the popular Coca-Cola commercial for the brand’s “Nu Soul” campaign. Her first two albums are Denials, Delusions & Decisions and Divorcing Neo 2 Marry Soul released in 2002 and 2005 respectively. In 2007, she posted two of her songs in her Myspace profile.

Then in 2009, she released “Beautiful” and “Surely Shawty”. But these songs did not have an official release. In March 2008, she went on tour with Bahamadia and Hezekiah. In 2019, she released the song “Lost” on Bandcamp.

In addition to singing opportunities, she also received acting roles. In 2014, she starred in the television series Underground Kings. Then she was also part of a short film called The Corporate Brother: Sign of the Times.

Problems and Grievances

Over the years, Jaguar Wright has had issues with many people. At first, she fell out with The Roots and broke away from them. Then she had problems with Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and Mary J. Blige. Additionally, she accused her then-boyfriend Common of sexually assaulting her.

As she is a controversial figure, she became the subject of a documentary titled Gone Girl: Surviving Jaguar Wright directed by Youtube blogger Tasha K. In this documentary, Wright’s ex-boyfriend, her son and her relatives talk about her. They talk about the allegations she forced on them in the documentary. Therefore, it was a revelation about Wright’s character.

In 2016, Wright was also arrested for abducting her child. It appears that she and her ex-husband Samuel Odom co-parented the child. So when her son was with her, she tried to kidnap him without her partner’s consent. The authorities found out and arrested her for kidnapping. This sparked much media speculation.

The death of Jaguar Wright’s son

There aren’t many details about her personal life. But many know that she is the mother of two children. She lost her eldest son in 2018. Wright claimed the cause of her death was murder. According to her, he was murdered in the parking lot of a hotel. The death of her son was one of the tragic incidents in her life. It affected her sanity as she could not come to terms with his death.

Her struggles and her sanity

Wright has accused many artists in her life. Some of her comments have created controversy on social networks. In addition, it has tarnished the reputation of many personalities. Therefore, many people who watch her are concerned about her mental health. Some think her comments are true, but others share that she is not doing well. They believe her behavior may be the result of mental health issues. Therefore, they want her to seek medical help immediately.

Salary and net worth

As Wright is a singer, songwriter and narrator, she earns well. She is part of the collective of hip hop sites Okayplayer. Even though she has sparked a lot of controversy, she still has success in her musical career.

Wright is also a producer. She enjoys creating music and distributing it on various platforms. In addition, she also tries to explore various other businesses. She wants to start a business and get a lot of profit from it. Now Wright is in the process of manufacturing her brand of slaves. Promotions on the product are available on her Instagram account. According to various sources, she has a net worth of $ 1 million. With her money, she enjoys a lavish lifestyle.


Jaguar Wright is a talented singer. But over the years, she got stuck in a lot of issues. But still, she has loyal Philly fans supporting her.

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