Meet Joyce Velicovich: The Wife of Brett Velicovich

As an American soldier, Brett Velicovich has garnered considerable attention, prompting many individuals to inquire about his wife. Brett Velicovich, a drone expert, was born in the United States on December 6, 1983. He is the founder of F3EA, Inc. and a co-benefactor of Expert Drones, an organization within Dronepire Inc. Through her extensive experience, Joyce Velicovich has demonstrated remarkable achievements in international business relations and strategy. Delve further into this article to discover more about Brett Velicovich’s wife.

Meet Joyce Velicovich: Brett Velicovich’s Wife

Brett Velicovich, an American robot expert with prior experience in the U.S. Armed Forces, is accompanied by his wife, Joyce Velicovich. Joyce Velicovich is recognized as Brett Velicovich’s wife. The advocacy for using robots to protect the wild African big game has garnered significant recognition for him. The collaboration between Brett Velicovich and business visionary Joyce Velicovich aims to promote UAV innovation for projects centered around beneficial guidance. UAV innovation is actively pursued by a select few who deem the utilization of drones for positive purposes as important.

Comprehensive and workable solutions for disaster recovery efforts constitute the primary objective of Brett Velicovich and his spouse, who is known as a Global Outreach Doctor. Business dealings have been undertaken by her in countries such as South Africa, Ukraine, Germany, Somalia, Russia, India, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and China.

Who is Brett Velicovich?

The advocacy for using robots to protect the wild African big game has brought renown to former special operations soldier Brett Velicovich. The founder of F3EA, Inc. and a co-benefactor of Expert Drones, an organization within Dronepire Inc., is Velicovich. Real success in international business relations and strategy has been demonstrated by her through her experience.

Joyce Velicovich Biography

Joyce Velicovich, along with her loved ones, is currently residing in Savannah, Georgia, in the United States. Her career in worldwide brand supplies marketing began at Lexmark International. TPG The Project Group and DELCON Construction both had her serving as the director of global business development.

In January 2018, the role of Chief Operating Officer at F3EA, Inc. was undertaken by her. By May 2021, she assumed the position of boss within the organization, located in Savannah.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she obtained a BBA from the University of Kentucky in 2007. In 2013, an MBA was earned by Joyce from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. As a fellow donor and board member at Expert Drones, a company owned by Dronepire Inc., Velicovich actively participates. At Campana and Schott, she had already held the position of director of business development.

Age of Brett Velicovich
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Age and Nationality of Joyce Velicovich 

37 Years old. The wife of Brett is an American citizen.

The Career of Joyce Velicovich 

The employment of Joyce, Brett’s wife, was initiated by Lexmark International in May 2007, where she assumed the role of a manager of global brand supply. The position of TPG The Project Group’s director of global business development was held by her from February 2012 through December 2015.

At DELCON Construction, in Washington, she was employed as a director of global business development from February 2012 through December 2016. Campana & Schott saw her as a director of business development from January 2016 through January 2017. Since January 2018, an executive position has been held by her at F3EA.

Who is The Wife of Brett Velicovich – FAQs:

1. Who is the wife of Brett Velicovich?

Brett Velicovich’s wife is Joyce Velicovich.

2. Who is Brett Velicovich?

An American soldier is Brett Velicovich.

3. On what day was Brett Velicovich born?

December 6, 1983 is the birthdate of Brett Velicovich.

4. What is Brett Velicovich’s age?

He is 39 years old.

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