Cisco 100-490 Exam: The Importance of Routing and Switching Skills in a Crowded Employment Market

As job hunting
intensifies, job seekers have become even more aggressive in their quest for
financial stability. And one of the topics that pop up quite often is the value
of technical skills.

Aside from helping you
become a better employee, possessing the right technical skills increases your
chances of getting promoted at the workplace.

Of course, there are
countless skills out there. But in this post, we reveal how you can make a
difference with the CCNA Certification, leading to the
attainment of the CCT Routing and Switching certification.

Benefits of Routing
and Switching Skills

Here are the five
prime reasons to obtain routing and switching skills;

Provide Efficient Business Flow

Since routing and
switching skills are the basics to create a network and help you run any
business, they are of vital importance. To refresh the main facts, switching
helps to switch data packets between devices within the Local MD-101, and
routing is used to route packets between different LANs. In addition, routing
and switching technologies enable business communication, provide access to
business apps remotely from any location, and into real-time business
information as well, and secure this info.

2. Improve your wages

There’s no denying
individuals who gain more skills earn better salaries. Since qualified
employees are required in any company, having routing and switching skills
validated by a leader in networking for the Internet, such as 300-420 ENSLD, makes you a
noticeable candidate for hiring managers.

Getting the in-demand
routing and switching skills naturally leads you to better wages, bringing
financial independence as you become indispensable to your organization. Thus,
certified candidates with fundamental skills in networking earn from $56,000 to $70,000 per annum, as stated on the MS-200r

3. Advance Your Career

Completing a relevant
routing and switching curriculum helps you express yourself in the best way
possible. And with the acquisition of new skills comes better job opportunities,
including the following;

  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Remote Cisco Network Engineer
  • Field Service Technician
  • Desktop Technician
  • Network Specialist I

4. Expand Your
Learning Opportunities

Yes! Once you
havelearnt the fundamental networking concepts and gained primary routing &
switching skills, you will have an opportunity to upgrade them and boost your
career, as Cisco offers a wide 300-425 ENWLSD
where you can
choose the path you want to follow. Thus, if you want to become a networking
professional and build a career as a network admin, network support technician,
entry level network engineer, then the Cisco Certified Network Associate
certification is for you.

5. Prove Your

Obtaining the routing
and switching skills is a mark of excellence. And no matter your experience
level, sacrificing everything to focus on this training portrays you as a
forward-thinking individual who prioritizes career growth.

Such commitment will
separate you from the rest, and it won’t be long before you find the ultimate
breakthrough in information technology.

Why the Cisco 100-490
Exam Matters

So, where should you
start? Consider the 200-901 DEVASC
exam from
Cisco. Supporting Cisco Routing & Switching Network Devices, commonly
called the Cisco 100-490 RSTECH, is a test associated with the entry-level CCT
Routing and Switching certification. It confirms that a learner can support and
maintain Cisco operating environments and collaboration endpoints.

Typically, this is one
of the initial exams you should take to build your career around IT networking
and the first you must pass to establish your path within Cisco Routing and
Switching technologies.

The Bottom Line

Getting the right
skills portrays you as a competent, all-round IT professional committed to
career growth. And while there are plenty of options out there, the 300-430
and Switching certification can easily transform your
fortunes, putting you among the most qualified individuals at the entry level
of their careers.

Whether switching from
a different field or getting started from scratch, it’s never too late to gain
new skills. If your goals align with the Routing and Switching solutions, all
you have to do is pass the 300-435 ENAUTO


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