Cork Engineer Takes Legal Action To Prevent Computer Security Firm From Being Sacked

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A solutions engineer for a company specializing in Internet security has brought an action in the High Court to prevent his alleged dismissal from his job.

The action has been brought by Xavier Mariault against Sonicwall International Limited, which the court heard specializes in network security, secure remote access and data protection.

His solicitor Eoin Clifford SC, with Cian Cotter BL, told the High Court that his client started working with the defendant, who is based at Mahon Citygate in Cork in July 2021 and had a six-month trial period.

His trial period expired in January this year, it was not extended and he continued to perform his duties at the company, the lawyer said.

Trial period

Last March, his client was called into a meeting and was told by a representative from his employer that there had been problems with his performance during the probationary period and a decision was made to fire him, the attorney said.

The court heard that Mr Mariault, of Classes Lake, Ovens Cork, was shocked by this decision and says his overall assessment was positive.

He had not been told anything about not meeting his relevant goals during the trial period, which he said had passed two months before the meeting.

He claims that the way he was allegedly treated by the company was allegedly unprofessional and mistrustful. He also claims that the summary termination of his employment was in violation of the company’s own policies and procedures.

It also states that you have the right to be treated as if you had an employment contract of indefinite duration.

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He also alleges that he was not given the reasons for his alleged dismissal, which he considers untenable.

The company he alleged failed to take any appropriate steps or procedures, including a disciplinary process, before deciding to terminate his employment.

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The defendant company has told Mr. Mariault in correspondence that his employment has been legally terminated.

As a result, you have sued your employer and are seeking an injunction preventing the company from terminating your employment contract and continuing to pay your wages and benefits as they come due.

The matter came before Judge Emily Egan on Friday, who granted ex parte permission for Mr. Mariault’s attorneys to notify the defendant company of the injunction proceedings.

The matter will return to court in a few weeks.


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