Could Joaquim Valente be Gisele Bündchen’s New Romantic Partner?

The cameras always seem to have a keen eye on Gisele Bündchen. Wherever she goes, the media seems to follow her. This past weekend was no exception. She was seen with a mysterious man and they appeared to be on a romantic getaway. The enigmatic individual has piqued the curiosity of many. Gisele was captured spending a romantic evening in Costa Rica with this intriguing man. It appears that the supermodel has moved on from her relationship with Tom Brady after just a few weeks, and this man may be the reason why.

Recently, the model and her ex-husband’s children, Benjamin (12) and Vivian (9), were seen in Puntarenas, Costa Rica with the mystery man. An observer noted that they were all enjoying a meal together, with a romantic atmosphere in the air.

Joaquim Valente, who is he?

The Vale Brothers, Joaquim, Pedro, and Gui, are instructors based in Miami Beach, Florida. Originally from Brazil, they received training at the Gracie Academy before opening their own studio in Miami. Joaquim moved to Florida in 2007 to attend Barry University, where he graduated with a degree in criminology in 2011. He joined the faculty at Barry University in the same year.

Joaquim’s social media accounts are mostly private, but he has a public Twitter account where he frequently posts about the importance of family. In November 2018, he tweeted a birthday message to his father, calling him a “mentor and best friend.” He also expressed admiration for his oldest brother Pedro in a tweet from February 2019, saying that Pedro’s “dedication, commitment, and self-discipline are admirable” and that he has set an excellent example for Joaquim since he was born.

How long has Gisele Bündchen Bundchen been his friend?

In 2021, Gisele Bundchen and the Valente brothers were part of a photo shoot for Dust magazine. A video of Gisele taking jiu-jitsu lessons with Joaquim was shared on her Instagram account in 2022, suggesting a close bond between the two. There seem to be many promising developments in their relationship, indicating a strong connection between the couple.

Gisele Bündchen: Self-defense lessons

Self-defense lessons
Credit: yahoo news

Self-defense is primarily intended for personal protection, as its name suggests. However, for Gisele Bundchen, taking self-defense lessons has led to a significant improvement in her overall personality. Being a woman, she feels more empowered because of it, and the lessons have opened up new opportunities for her to explore.

Gisele highly recommends self-defense training to all women. She believes that this skill has many practical applications, and therefore, all women should have a basic understanding of it.

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