Dolly Jain, Saree Draper Charges Rs 1 Lakh Above To Drape A Single Saree

Ever seen that a draping saree can make you a millionaire?

It sounds unbelievable, but that’s actually happened with Dolly Jain, who became a professional saree draper after just being a housewife. She has now become a well-known figure in the fashion and saree-draping industries. With her exceptional skills and innovative techniques, she has earned the title of “Saree Draping Maestro.”

Because of her talent for transforming a plain saree into a remarkable work of art, Dolly has drawn a well-known clientele. Her clientele includes those who are prepared to pay her a hefty sum of money. Notably, the cost of a single saree’s draping has reached an astounding Rs. 1.10 lakh.

Dolly Jain
Dolly Jain/Instagram

How did Dolly Jain start her saree draping journey?

A distinctive path in the fashion industry as a professional saree draper was carved out by Dolly Jain. In Bangalore, her journey was initiated when she married into the family of Naveen Jain, the love of her life. Traditional attire, particularly sarees, was carefully observed by his family.

Initially, Dolly had reservations and longed for the freedom to wear a kurta, but her perspective gradually changed. This was revealed by her during her appearance on the ‘Housewives Special’ episode of Indian Idol 13.

When discussing her journey with host Aditya Narayan, she said,

“I got married into a household, where I had to wear a saree. I used to hate sarees. After marriage, I would take 45 mins to drape a saree everyday. I used to think everyday when my mother-in-law would allow me to wear a kurta instead of a saree. But she didn’t agree. By the time she agreed, I fell in love with sarees.”

Dolly Jain mother in law

Various draping methods were explored by her, with new techniques being experimented with, and her own originality being brought to the process. Gradually, becoming more accustomed to consistently draping sarees was achieved by her.

Doly jain celebrity saree drapist
Dolly Jain/Instagram

Making a professional career in saree draping

As a result of her path of self-discovery, a newfound love and respect for the saree were developed by her. The technique of saree draping was ultimately inspired to be perfected by her. In the same chat, Dolly’s challenges with choosing to make a career out of draping sarees were also shared by her.

“Society gave me a very tough time. First they told me it’s a waste of time, called me crazy and told me I can’t earn by draping a saree. This was the statement told to me by the society. Today, I have proved everyone wrong and standing here.”

Doly jain with deepika padukone

A deep appreciation for the six yards of fabric was discovered by her, eventually leading to her mastery of saree draping. However, in her initial days, she was laughed at by her family members and friends as no one believed that draping could become a career. But reportedly, she was supported at every stage of her life by her father.

Eventually, what she is today was achieved. Her skills are highly sought after today. A charge of lakhs of rupees is demanded by her for a single saree draping session, which is completed in only ten minutes.

dolly jain looks

Diverse celebrities have been worked with by Dolly Jain

Success in the industry was achieved by Dolly Jain due to her commitment to mastering the technique for draping a saree. Through rigorous practice and a steadfast dedication to excellence, her abilities were developed. As a result, saree draping was elevated to the level of art. The draping procedure was accelerated by her years of expertise, reducing the time from 45 minutes to only 10 minutes, while maintaining top-notch results.

Celebrities, socialites, and wealthy individuals, including the Ambanis, are included in her clientele.

A high price is charged by the draping maestro for the exclusivity and unique touches added to each saree-draping session.

Well-known individuals, such as Gigi Hadid, Isha Ambani, Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Natasha Poonawala, and Alia Bhatt, are worked with by Jain. She is perhaps the preferred saree draper for all celebrities.

Dolly Jain draped Isha Ambani saree
Dolly Jain/Instagram

Alia Bhatt’s wedding saree was dressed by the drapist. The MET Gala saw the draping of Natasha Poonawala by her. Additionally, Gigi Hadid’s yellow and white outfit, worn during her visit to India for the opening of the Nita and Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre, was draped by Jain. Recent weddings witnessed the hiring of Jain for dressing Nataa Stankovi, Maanvi Gagroo, and Kiara Advani.

dolly jain saree draping
Dolly Jain/Instagram

A saree can be draped in 325 different ways by her, distinguishing Dolly Jain from others. Flawless work is produced by her, capturing the wearer’s personality and occasion precisely by combining conventional techniques with her own creative ideas. Meticulous attention to detail, superb use of accessories, and elaborate decorations further enhance the particular beauty of Dolly’s works.

Dolly Jain’s influence extends beyond saree draping

Not only through one-on-one draping sessions but also through lectures, masterclasses, and demonstrations, her knowledge is imparted and budding saree drapers and fashion enthusiasts worldwide are inspired. Traditional saree-draping techniques are not only upheld by Dolly’s instructions but also originality, self-expression, and creativity in utilizing this beloved garment are promoted.

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