Enjoy Parsi Mawa cake with this special chef’s recipe

The delicious Parsi Mawa cake – a delicious side dish at teatime – can be found in various cafes across the country. But how about making one at home today?

So if you’ve got your hat on, here’s a simple recipe for chef Anahita Dhondy who recently became an author with her book The Parsi kitchen.

“The recipe is easy and absolutely delicious. You won’t find a better Mawa Cake and I can guarantee it. Just make sure to use fresh, good quality produce khoya“she said in an Instagram post.

She also explained that it is a “traditional recipe made in Iranian coffees in Mumbai – B. Merwan is the most famous and usually sells out very early in the Morning“.

Here’s how to do it at home.

“The ingredients for the parfait – rich – spongy – delicious Mawa Cake,” she shared.


1⅓ cup – Flour
1 cup – Butter
2 cups – Icing sugar
½ cup – Milk
5 – Eggs
½ cap – Vanilla
250g – Mawa or khoya fresh (get it from your halwai or mithai store)
1 teaspoon – Pastry shop powder


* Whisk the butter and sugar well. Add eggs.
* Now add the maida, baking powder and mawa.
*Mix well. In a silicone sheet of the right shape, fill them and bake at 180C for 15 minutes.
* Cool and store in an airtight container.

Would you try this recipe?

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