Genelia Deshmukh and Riteish Deshmukh respond as a troll calls her “vulgar and cheap aunt”: “I hope you are doing well”

Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia Deshmukh will appear in the final episode of Arbaaz Khan Pinch’s season 2 talk show. On the show, Arbaaz will tell them about the couple’s viral video at an awards ceremony. The video presented Riteish in a conversation with Preity Zinta while Genelia was taken with cold expressions. As soon as the video was posted on social media, it went viral. Fans of the couple wanted to know what happened when Genelia and Riteish come home. In fact, earlier this year, Genelia shared a funny video in response to fan demand.

When reminded of the incident, a smiling Genelia said, “Riteish and Preity were having a conversation. And unfortunately a cameraman focused on my expression. Soon Riteish became an absolute charmer and did exactly “what I did for Preity”. Genelia gushed out as Riteish kissed her hands.

Arbaaz also read a comment that called Genelia a “besharam, vulgar, cheap” actor whose actions are not suitable for his age. The comment left the actor in shock but she kept her calm and said, “I don’t think he’s having a good day at home. Hope you are doing well bhaisaab.

Later, reacting to the trolls, Riteish said he didn’t think one should be offended. “It’s okay for people to comment because you are putting yourself forward. I don’t think it is necessary to be offended. I always write, ‘I love you too my friend,’ ”he said. He also read a comment on their viral video. ” It’s his fault. He should focus more on his wife, ”the commentary read. In response to the comment, Riteish burst out laughing and said, “Well, even I want you to focus on your wife and not mine.”

The full episode of the show will be released on September 30.



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