Guinness Records 2022: At 7 feet and 0.7 inches, Rumeysa Gelgi is the tallest woman in the world

Turkey’s Rumeysa Gelgi has been named the tallest living woman by Guinness Book of World Records 2022. It measures 215.16 cm (7 ft 0.7 in). Interestingly, Rumeysa was re-measured this year after she was first awarded the title of tallest living teenager (female) in 2014 when she was 18, according to the record’s website.

Apparently, his large size is believed to be due to a condition called Weaver syndrome, an extremely rare condition that causes accelerated growth among other abnormalities, including skeletal maturation.

Due to this condition, Rumeysa uses a wheelchair most of the time, but is able to move around for short periods using a walker. While relaxing by swimming, she enjoys going out to eat with her family. Since her first title win, she has used the media to raise awareness about rare diseases like hers.

According to rare, the exact cause of Weaver syndrome is unknown. “Some researchers believe, because there have been cases of mildly affected mothers having sons who are more severely affected, that Weaver syndrome may be inherited as an autosomal dominant trait with symptom expression restricted to gender, or an X-linked recessive trait. Others believe it may be an autosomal recessive trait. In some cases there is no sign of heredity in a family and the cause is unknown ” , we read.

According to Dr. Shuchin Bajaj, founding director of the Ujala Cygnus group of hospitals, Weaver syndrome is characterized by rapid growth that usually begins before birth (prenatal onset). “Physical growth and bone development (maturation) can occur faster than average. Other symptoms may include increased muscle tone (hypertonia) with exaggerated reflexes (spasticity), slow development of voluntary movements (psychomotor retardation), specific physical characteristics and / or deformities of the foot ”, a-t- he declares.

“Treatment for Weaver syndrome is symptomatic and supportive. An orthopedist can be consulted for the correction of deformities of the foot. Genetic counseling can be beneficial for patients and their families, ”he added.

What is particularly fascinating, according to the Guinness website, is that the tallest female and male title holders come from Turkey – Rumeysa and Sultan Kösen (251 cm) – a rare event in Guinness World history. Records.

The previous record holder was Yao Defen (China) who recorded an average height of 233.3 cm (7 ft 7 in) when last documented in 2010.

Notably, 2009 was the last time the two holders shared the same nationality when Chinese Bao Xi Shun (236.1 cm) and Yao Defen (233.3 cm) respectively held the highest male and female records.

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