Here’s What You Should Know When Taking Prescribed Stimulants

Drug medications are prescribed to patients to help them heal from their sickness, have a strong immune system, and relieve the pain or physical complaints they’re feeling. Medications may either be given in the form of liquid, tablets, capsules, topical medicines, or even through inhalers for those suffering from asthma attacks and injections typically for those who can no longer take medication orally.

Most medicines sold in pharmacies must be prescribed by a registered doctor, especially ones that are addicting, like stimulants. With this, taking a drug that your medical health professional does not instruct may put you in a dangerous situation like worsening your disease or even lead you to death.

If you’re someone who’s been prescribed to take some stimulants, strictly follow your doctor’s instructions. Stimulants could be addictive if taken in high dosages without the supervision of a doctor. It may also lead you to develop a substance use disorder and experience withdrawal symptoms. To help you, here are five things you must know when taking prescribed stimulants.

Too Much Of It Could Be Dangerous

Young adults, usually those in college, tend to overdose on illegal stimulant drugs. Overdosing on this kind of drug could have severe consequences not only on physical health but also on the mental aspect.

Although stimulants do have some benefits when taken, there is a reason why doctors provide a specific dosage for taking those who need them. Taking too much of it could increase your heart rate and blood pressure.

If your child has been prescribed stimulants to treat ADHD, ensure that you provide them only with the exact dosage given by their doctor. Observe its effects on your child; typically, your doctor will start with only a low dosage medicine and gradually increase it until the symptoms are manageable. If you have questions regarding the intake of stimulants like Vyvanse, communicate them with your doctor as they also help answer frequently asked questions or FAQ regarding taking this kind of medication.

Increase Your Focus

Stimulants are prescribed to treat symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), wherein difficulty in keeping focus is one of the symptoms. It is believed that those diagnosed with ADHD are given stimulant drugs that help increase their dopamine levels in the brain.

Increasing dopamine release is essential since this neurotransmitter plays an essential role in many body functions like memory, motivation, attention, pleasure, and movement. Thus, having low levels of this neurotransmitter could cause mental health problems and other neurological diseases.

When a person takes prescribed stimulants, it could help improve focus and alertness. For people who live with ADHD, it is beneficial to help them stay focused while being able to manage their impulsive behaviors and hyperactivity.

Help With Mood

Stimulant medications are not only given to patients with ADHD but could also help treat mental health disorders like major depressive disorder and depression. It helps a person stay focused and do their tasks productively, whether in school or at work. Not to mention, stimulants may also make you feel less hungry.

For people clinically diagnosed with depression, combining a stimulant and their antidepressant medications could help treat their symptoms. Some stimulants help boost serotonin levels in the body as well as norepinephrine and dopamine, which are beneficial in helping a person feel relaxed and have better focus.

You May Experience Side Effects

Like other prescribed medicines, stimulant medication could also have side effects- short-term and long-term. Thus, you must take your doctor’s instructions correctly to avoid severe side effects or negative consequences that may worsen a patient’s situation.

The most common side effects of taking too many stimulants may be elevated blood pressure, panic, hallucinations, irritable mood, and loss of appetite. It may also cause seizures that may lead to death if the stimulant is overdosed and not prescribed by any medical health professional.

If you’re prescribed any stimulant drug, your doctor will tell you the possible side effects you may feel are normal. Also, they tell you which side effects are unusual and need the immediate attention of a medical professional as they could be serious and life-threatening. So, please don’t take any drug unless it was prescribed to you to prevent these kinds of situations.

Make You Feel Alert

Stimulants help a person feel more awake and alert to do their tasks more effectively. In this sense, one of the most common stimulants that don’t need a prescription is caffeine which can be found in coffees. It is the only stimulant that may not lead a person to addiction and doesn’t require any doctor’s prescription.

When a person takes in coffee, it makes them feel awake and energized. In this sense, taking prescribed stimulant drugs helps send messages between your body and brain to travel faster, making you feel more alert. Additionally, stimulants increase a person’s catecholamine level, which temporarily increases a person’s alertness and energy.

Final Thoughts

Most prescribed stimulants are given in tablet or capsule form, which can all be taken orally. Sometimes it may also be through a liquid state. But, it doesn’t matter what form of stimulant you are given as long as you take the correct dosage to help cure and manage the symptoms you report. As mentioned above, there could be many things you may experience in taking this medication. So, consult your

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