A Comprehensive Guide on How to Play Red Door Yellow Door

The paranormal game known as Red Door Yellow Door has potentially dangerous effects, and people have recently gained interest in it due to popular TikTok videos. Participants in these videos have been seen going through terrifying scenarios while playing the game.

Red Door Yellow Door is a game that has been around for a long time and is easy to play, making it a favorite for social gatherings. However, playing the game and the potential consequences it may have should be carefully considered.

How to play Red Door Yellow Door?

  1. Participants should be gathered

Multiple players can play this game, although two players are sufficient. One person will act as the guide, and the other will participate in the game. Anyone else present will simply observe.

  1. Find a dark and comfortable room

The guide should sit on the ground, cross-legged, while the other player lies down with their head resting on the guide’s lap. The guide may want to use a cushion or pillow for comfort. The player lying down should raise their arms straight up in the air and close their eyes, which will remain closed throughout the game.

  1. Repeat the phrase

The guide should move their fingers in a circular motion over the player’s temples to help them relax and enter a trance state. Then, the guide should repeat the phrase “red door, yellow door, any other color door” while everyone in the room follows along.

  1. Signal if the chant is successful

This step involves certain risks, as it is believed that this process can induce a trance state that allows the participant to enter their mind and explore their inner workings. If the participant successfully reaches this state, they may visualize themselves in a room with doors around them. They should lower their arms to signal to the other people in the room that the chant was successful.

  1. The final step

If the game has been successful up to this point, the guide should begin asking the player questions about their surroundings and instructing them on which doors to go through. The participant must follow the guide’s instructions and answer all their questions.

Here are some important notes to keep in mind when playing Red Door Yellow Door:

  • Some claim that playing the game can be dangerous, as players may uncover negative aspects of themselves. However, the guide can easily wake the player out of their trance at any time if there are concerns about safety.
  • While in a trance state, it is important to avoid trusting or interacting with anyone, as some players have reported seeing dangerous entities. If encountering these entities, it is recommended to end the game immediately.
  • Always pay attention to your guide and avoid anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. You can move around the room or area as needed.
  • It is not recommended to use clocks during the game, as they may interfere with the trance state and keep the player in it permanently.
  • If the game takes a wrong turn or becomes uncomfortable, it is crucial to stop playing and wake up the player immediately. Some believe that if a player dies while in a trance, they will die in real life as well.


Playing Red Door Yellow Door comes with potential risks, as some players have reported negative experiences and lasting effects such as depression and fear. While some people claim the game is a hoax, others have reported not waking up right away and feeling anxious or paranoid afterwards. It’s important to consider these risks before deciding to play the game.

In conclusion, playing Red Door Yellow Door requires careful consideration due to the potential dangers and mental effort involved. It is not completely safe, and players should proceed with caution.

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