How to sign up for Google Play Pass

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Android has so many apps and games these days that it can be a bit difficult to find really good deals, but if you sign up for Play Pass, the whole process becomes easier. Signing up for Google Play Pass means you can discover new apps and games anytime without having to buy anything.

If you want to learn more about Google Play Pass, you can do so with our guide here. The beauty of Play Pass is that you pay a monthly fee of a few dollars and get access to unlimited apps and games. Google brings them in and out so there’s always new stuff coming along to keep the service feeling fresh. And it’s all organized so you know you have a choice of litter so to speak.

But how do you sign up for Google Play Pass? It’s really quite simple to do and with this guide, we’ll walk you through the process. But first, let’s take a quick look at why you might want to sign up and what you get.

Why you should sign up for Play Pass and what you get if you do

Google Play pass

As we’ve already mentioned, you might want to consider checking out the Play Pass service, as you pay a monthly fee and get access to unlimited apps and games. But it’s more than that. This includes premium apps and games that are normally premium and cost money. So instead of buying an app or game directly, you can install and use it without paying. Because it’s included in the Play Pass subscription price.

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Play Pass also includes a ton of free apps and games. So what’s the advantage of already being able to download them for free? Well, instead of not having to pay for the app or game, you get access to in-app or in-game purchase content. As this is also included in the monthly subscription price for Playpass.

Beyond all that, Play Pass is simply a great way to discover new apps and games. And if you ever decide to unsubscribe, you can simply purchase any of the apps or games you used during your active subscription.

How to register

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Signing up for Play Pass is easy and you can do it right from your phone. Which means you can register anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. What could be simpler than that? So here’s how to get started, so you can start enjoying all that Play Pass has to offer.

Launch the Google Play Store

Play Pass is located in the Play Store, naturally, and doesn’t have its own app or webpage. Launch the Play Store to get started.

Tap your profile avatar

How to register for Play Pass 3

Next, tap on your profile avatar located in the upper right corner. This will bring up a menu with items like managing your apps and device. In addition to notifications and offers, payments and subscriptions, Play Protect, your app library and, of course, Play Pass.

Tap Play Pass and tap the Get Started button

Tap the Play Pass menu to load the Play Pass page. Then press the green Start button to begin. This will set you up with the monthly plan which costs $4.99 per month.

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You can also tap on the annual subscription link

How to register for Play Pass 1

If you’d rather opt for an annual subscription, there’s a link just below the green Get Started button. This will actually save you 50% off the cost of Play Pass over 12 months. And if you plan on keeping it for the year, this is definitely the way to go.

Select your payment method and click Subscribe

It’s the end of the line. All you have to do is select your payment method. You have several options here. And can use your credit or debit card, your Google Pay balance, google play balance, and even PayPal. You should even be able to use your wireless provider’s billing if you’ve set it up for Play Store payments.

Once you’ve selected your payment method for Play Pass, hit the big green subscribe button at the bottom and you’re good to go. Once payment is made and your subscription is active, you can view all the Play Pass content available in the Play Store and start installing whatever you want.

Where to find Play Pass content

How to register for Play Pass 2

Once your subscription is active, a new menu will appear in the navigation bar at the bottom of the Play Store UI. Without Play Pass, you should see Games, Apps, Deals, Movies, and Books. With an active subscription, a new Play Pass icon will appear to the left of the Games button.

Tap it to load the Play Pass page and you’ll see everything there. There are several sections to help you find what might interest you. Including a For You section based on things Google thinks you might like. Here are some other helpful tips on using Play Pass and what it offers.

  • You can use Play Pass with the Family Sharing feature
  • Don’t forget to check out the New tab to see all the latest content
  • Apps and games included in Play Pass will have a Play Pass icon/label attached in the non-Play Pass section of the Play Store. This way you know what’s included and what’s not.
  • You can explore some Play Pass content before signing up
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