Kirron Kher FINALLY opens up about his cancer treatment

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Actor turned politician Kirron Kher suffers from cancer and is undergoing treatment for it. This news was shared by her husband Anupam Kher via an Instagram post on April 1. Her son Sikander, through photos and videos on Instagram, informed fans about his health.

In her recent interview, Kirron Kher informed her fans that she is doing well now. Speaking to the Hindustan Times, Kirron said, “I worked even when I was in the hospital, being treated. I have always been in contact with people on my phone. In fact, I recently virtually opened an oxygen plant in Chandigarh. But my doctor won’t let me travel anywhere, especially by plane, because my immunity is slightly compromised by the treatment. “

Kirron also spoke about the pain one feels during the treatment. She said: “This is not the ideal situation. By yeh zindagi hai. You learn to face it and keep going. There is no other way out than to treat it. No one likes to go through the treatment or its side effects.

The actress, who continues to visit the hospital every month for her treatment, has spoken about how unpredictable life is. She said, “Even doctors don’t know how or why it happened. Medical science doesn’t really have a concrete answer. I would much prefer not to have it. But it’s something I had to accept.

The actress is not that active on Instagram because of her treatment. However, her husband keeps her informed of all the messages she receives. “I am so touched by the love I have received from people. They were so nice. I receive wonderful messages. I am not very active on social networks. But Anupam ji told me about it. I am grateful to them and to God, ”concluded Kirron Kher.

She is without a doubt one of the most dedicated women in the industry. Kirron also just shared a photo of herself working from home. One of the fans commented, “It’s so nice to see you Kirron ji after everything you’ve been through lately. Please take your health. God bless you with all the happiness in the world. fan wrote: “Get well soon, only take fruit and vegetable juices, do not take anaj and join Swami Ramdave yog gram. “

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For the uninitiated, During these difficult circumstances, Anupam left his American television series “New Amsterdam” to spend time with Kirron Kher.


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