Liberal victory confirmed in Brome-Missisquoi riding after Bloc Québécois concedes

The Bloc Québécois conceded the Quebec riding of Brome-Missisquoi to the Liberal candidate, Pascale St-Onge, in the Eastern Townships in Quebec.

This ended the recount, which began Tuesday morning.

The recount was requested by the Bloc candidate Marilou Alarie. Alarie led by a small margin after election night, but the constituency went to St-Onge after the counting of the mail-in ballots.

St-Onge won by 186 votes, three days after the election.

According to the Bloc, about sixty “irregularities” had initially been noted in some ballot boxes. Alarie said, however, that opening the boxes did not reveal any problems.

As a result of that verification, the party did not feel the need for further verification, she said.

“We are satisfied,” she said.

Both parties were present for the count, St-Onge said.

“I understand that there are always small mistakes that slip into elections. It’s normal that when it’s tighter, we want to make sure everything went well, and that’s what which has been observed today, ”she said.

“Every vote makes a difference”

After waiting for a result for nearly a month after the elections, St-Onge said he was delighted with his official victory.

She thanked her constituents and pledged to work hard, representing her riding, which is located approximately 90 kilometers southeast of Montreal.

As she was declared elected by Elections Canada on September 23, St-Onge has already been able to participate in the training of new MPs in Ottawa.

“Now my number one goal is to be operational and efficient as quickly as possible to provide services to the population,” said St-Onge.

As for Alarie, she said she was proud of her campaign and congratulated St-Onge on the victory.

“My first thoughts are obviously with my electoral team for results beyond our expectations. We had a great campaign under difficult circumstances.” she said, noting that she intended to stay involved in politics.

Although the Bloc Québécois, the Conservatives and the New Democrats all managed to win the previous election in the riding, it largely voted Liberal.

St-Onge was predeceased by former Liberal MP Lyne Bessette, who chose not to run this time around.



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