Lindsey Pelas Bursts Out Of Bikini Too Small For Massive Chest

Lindsey Pelas Wows the Internet With Her Latest Bikini Update!

While the social media celebrity has been tempting her Instagram fans with sexy photos on a regular basis, her latest entry has yet to disappoint. In fact, Lindsey was feeling her bikini so much that she opted to share three pictures with her 8.6 million followers, flaunting her killer physique. In the update, the 31-year-old seemed to strut her stuff as she stood on stage.

The smaller the bikini, the better

Lindsey Pelas posing for the camera.
Instagram | lindsey peels

Lindsey wore a black bikini that left very little to the imagination. She boasted extremely small triangle cups that did not cover the entirety of her bust. Her voluptuous assets spilled everywhere, showing off her side and bottom breasts in the process. However, the necessary bits were hidden from her view.

The plunging neckline exposed a portion of her cleavage. Thin straps were secured behind his neck, with another pair of threads tied behind his back. The style also highlighted her slender arms.

Lindsey wore pants of the same color that fell several inches below her navel, showing much of her flat stomach. Her design accentuated her tiny waist, her ripped abs, and the curves of her hips. Meanwhile, the high cuts on her legs flattered her long and slender legs. The piece was from Chanel as it had the classic CC logo printed in white on the front.

A lot to see

In the picture, the American beauty confidently stood with one leg over the other. She looked straight as she let her arms dangle at her sides.

The bright stage lights highlighted her body and made her flawless tanned skin look resplendent.

While the blonde bombshell was wearing sunglasses in the previous photo, she ditched her glasses in the second slide. Lindsey posed in a similar pose and smiled at the camera. The full body shot revealed her footwear: a pair of black stiletto heels.

Lindsey was seen holding her sunglasses in one hand as she looked to the side with a fierce expression.

A tease

Lindsey Pelas posing for the camera.
Instagram | lindsey peels

She had luscious golden locks styled in waves with a center parting that helped frame her face. For her eye makeup, she opted for a slightly smoky look and black mascara. Lindsey stroked her cheeks and added blush. She lined her lips with a brown lip liner to enhance her pout.

Lindsey’s accessories include a bracelet, a ring and dangling earrings.

In the caption, Lindsey noted that “hard work pays off 😛”

See the photos here.

Make the fans drool

Lindsey Pelas posing for the camera.
Instagram | lindsey peels

Several ardent fans wrote gushing notes in the comments section. Countless fans also raved about her dazzling body, while others went crazy over her flawless beauty. Recently, the images have garnered more than 100,000 likes and more than 1,600 comments.

“Looking like a snack bb,” wrote one.

“This is hot,” repeated another commenter.

“Oh wow you look amazing… hubba hubba… stunning and perfect in every way,” the third user added.

“That top is doing the Lord’s job,” declared the fourth.

Putting on a busty screen

Lindsey Pelas posing for the camera.
Instagram | lindsey peels

Lindsey has been sharing a lot of amazing pictures of herself on her Instagram account lately. On May 31, she made her fans go wild after sharing a post that showed her sporting a pink velvet bodysuit and fuchsia blazer.

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