Luxury fashion brand says it won’t destroy unsaleable goods after being criticized

Luxury brand Coach has announced that it will no longer destroy “damaged and unsaleable” products after claims by social media user Anna Sacks, aka Trashtalker, in a viral TikTok video.

In the video, Sacks showed a group of damaged Coach products, originally found in a trash can outside a Dallas mall. Sacks said the brand’s policy was to “order an employee to deliberately cut (unwanted merchandise) so that no one could use it.”

Fashion watchdog Diet Prada also shared the same and added: “In practice, damaging goods increases the costs of goods sold for retailers, which in turn leads to lower margins. brute. In short, a damaged inventory reduces a tax bill ”.

Sacks wrote in an email: “I have tried to approach the cycle of overproduction and destruction from different angles, including sharing stories of people who have been ordered to destroy these items and sharing images. mutilated physical objects ”, as quoted by Diet Prada.

Following the Sacks video, Coach wrote in a statement, “We have now stopped destroying returns to stores of damaged and unsaleable products and are committed to maximizing the reuse of these products in our Coach (Re) programs. Loved and other circularity programs. “

The luxury brand added, “Last year we donated more than $ 55 million worth of products to support low-income families, those in need, those re-entering the home market. work and education programs.

“We will continue to develop and implement solutions to responsibly reuse, recycle and reuse excess or damaged products. “

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