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Manuela Escobar is a Colombian businesswoman. She is the daughter of infamous drug dealer Pablo Escobar. Her father was nicknamed the “king of cocaine”. He was well known for supplying 80% of the drugs to the United States, which benefited him well. Her father was one of the richest gangsters in history as he ran the drug business for many years. Manuela’s father was killed in a shootout by the Colombian National Police on December 2, 1993.

Manuela has a mother and a brother and she was nine years old when her father died. You can find all interesting information about Manuela Escobar here.

Manuela Escobar Quick Biography/Wikis

nameManuela Escobar
Birth nameJuana Manuela Marroquin Santos
JobCompany owner
Date of BirthMay 25, 1984
birth signGemini
Place of birthPanama
Height5 feet, 7 inches
Relationship statusMarried
BoyfriendN / A
HusbandN / A
KidsSon(s) NA
Daughter(s) NA
Schoolhome schooling
DadPablo Escobar
MotherMarie-Victoria Henao
Brothers and sistersBrother(s) Sebastián Marroquín (Juan Pablo Escobar Henao) Born in 1977
Sister(s) None
Net Worth$1.5 million
Famous for
Daughter of Pablo Escobar (Colombian drug lord and narco-terrorist)

Manuela Escobar General Information

Manuela Escobar was born in Colombia on the 25th May 1984. Her mother’s name is Maria Victoria Henaoas. She has a brother named Juan who later got a new identity with the name Sebastian Marroquin. The family lived in luxury when their father was alive and her business was booming. Her father was called “Gentlemen” because he always had a vision of helping schools for the poor and offering them money for their betterment in life.

However, Colombian police cornered Pablo Escobar and he was killed in the shootout. Manuella, her mother, and her brother fled Columbia after her death because they found no sanctuary.

The members of the Cali Carter did not kill Pablo’s family as they were impressed by Maria’s support for her husband even though she was aware of her many infidelities. But the group demanded a lot of money from the family. Manuella’s mother negotiated with the cartel telling them that she and her family members will no longer be involved in the drug trade in the future.

Family and new identity

The family came to live in Mozambique and found a home in Argentina. They live today with a new identity. Manuela’s mother has become a great businesswoman, but one of her colleagues has found her identity. So she escaped with her money but later the police caught her and kept her for eighteen months.

After many inquiries, they figured out that none of her income was related to her husband’s drug dealing, so she was released. Now Manuella and her family reside in Buenos Aires with success in their business. Manuella studied in a public school in Argentina for a while before the authorities discovered their true identity, but after that, she continued her studies at home. Her birth name was Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos, later she changed her name to Manuela Escobar which led to a private life.

Manuela Escobar’s net worth

As all the money and property earned by her wealthy father was seized by the authorities, the family worked hard to fend for themselves. They are involved in a real estate business as a family and make a lot of profit from it. Once, her mother and brother were charged with money laundering due to their large income. They were ordered to give one million assets to the authorities. Manuela’s net worth stands at $1.5 million.

Some interesting facts about Manuella Escobar

  • She has fond memories of her father because he always gave her everything she wanted.
  • When Manuella was young, her father burned $2 million to keep her warm because they were hiding in the mountains.
  • Her mother was fifteen and her father twenty-six when they married.
  • When her father was wealthy, he set up safe houses and mansions for his family. He kept all kinds of animals in his homes like elephants, exotic birds and other large mammals.
  • Her father was considered the modern-day Robin Hood by the poor people he cared for.
  • Her favorite actors are Robert Downey and Jennifer Anniston.
  • Once the family experienced a bomb explosion in their apartment in Monaco.
  • There is a book published about her father called “Pablo Escobar: My Father”.

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