Netflix orders sequel and spin-off of Ryan Gosling’s film The Gray Man

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Netflix is ​​turning its new spy thriller The Gray Man into a franchise, announcing plans Tuesday for a sequel and spinoff of the Ryan Gosling-starring action flick.

The Gray Man, one of Netflix’s most expensive movies to date, began streaming on Friday and was the most-watched movie on the streaming service in 92 countries, the company said.

Ryan Gosling stars in the film as Sierra Six, a former inmate released from prison by the CIA in exchange for servitude in a secret program.

A sequel to the Gray Man movie is now in development with Gosling and directors Joe and Anthony Russo, Netflix said in a statement.

The company also announced a separate spin-off movie, but did not provide details on the story or characters.

The expansion of Gray Man is part of Netflix’s strategy to build brands with familiar characters that can cross over into film, television, video games and movies.