NJ Stinky Gas Leak Leads to $1M Lawsuit, Public Meeting – NBC Boston

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what to know

  • A strong smell of rotten eggs swept through parts of South Jersey and South Philadelphia last week.
  • The odor came from a multiple release of a chemical from a trailer at the TA Travel Center truck stop on Berkley Road in Paulsboro on Tuesday.
  • The chemical released was Lubrizol-1389 (zinc alkyldithiophosphate), authorities said.

As the rotten egg smell caused by a chemical release continues to waft through parts of South Jersey, a lawsuit has been filed against the trucking company and the manufacturer of the chemical causing the stench and a town hall is planned to address the stench. resident concerns.

A woman filed the lawsuit against TransChem USA and Lubrizol Corporation on Monday in US District Court in Texas. Lawsuit by Gina Slavin-Borgesi on behalf of herself and a minor of hers. The lawsuit seeks $1 million in damages.

Slavin-Borgesi chose not to comment further on the lawsuit when reached for comment by NBC10 on Tuesday.

A Lubrizol spokesman said the company does not comment on pending litigation. A message was also left for TransChem USA, the trucking company, seeking comment on the lawsuit.

The chemical leak that caused a putrid odor in parts of South Jersey and downwind from a truck stop on Interstate 295 has been contained, authorities said Thursday. But the smell continued to waft in some areas on Tuesday.

In recent days, the Gloucester County Office of Emergency Management has called it a “complex situation.”

Emergency officials said they received “hundreds” of calls Wednesday from residents in Gloucester and Camden counties reporting a strong chemical odor outside. People even reported that the stench had crossed the Delaware River into South Philadelphia.

The incident occurred at the TA Travel Center in Paulsboro off I-295. Officials said air quality tests showed that while it may stink, the smell was not unsafe.

“The chemical, Lubrizol-1389 (zinc alkyldithiophosphate), gives off a nuisance odor that may linger for some time,” officials from nearby Camden County said in a news release Thursday. “However, Haz-Mat technicians have monitored and tested the air quality of the immediate incident scene, as well as all surrounding areas that have experienced the odor. Test results have confirmed that there is no risk to the public”.

The stench persisted for days, even after Camden County officials said shortly after 10 a.m. Thursday that a chemical leak from a tractor-trailer had finally been contained. HAZMAT crews had surrounded the truck since Wednesday afternoon and at least two controlled releases of a chemical identified as a fuel additive occurred, authorities said.

“After initial maneuvers, the tanker was immediately placed into the monitoring and vapor recovery phase of this project in advance of the next planned maneuvers,” the Gloucester County OEM said Sunday afternoon. “The residual product along the side of the tanker truck was part of the initial vapor emissions.”

In a statement posted on the Gloucester County Emergency Management Facebook page, TransChem and CTEH, an environmental consulting firm, said the odor was caused by hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans, which are colorless gases “often used in various industrial processes.

“Just because a person can smell these compounds in the air does not mean their exposure is harmful,” the FAQ posted on Facebook said.

Emergency officials said the smell was coming from a trailer that “was giving off large amounts of gas.”

Lubrizol-1389 can cause eye and skin irritation, officials said.

The chemical is manufactured by Lubrizol Corp., which is a Berkshire Hathaway company based in Ohio. The company has a chemical plant in Pedrickstown, New Jersey.

“Lubrizol is aware of the incident in Paulsboro, New Jersey, involving Transchem USA, an independent trucking company, which was transporting products manufactured by Lubrizol. The trucking company is investigating the incident and leading the response with local authorities,” a company spokesman said. in an email last week. “Lubrizol specialists are on site offering their expertise in our product chemistry to assist our transportation provider and coordinate with first responders and local health officials. We continue to closely monitor the situation.”

Lubrizol-1389 is used as a lubricant in machine parts, according to the American Chemical Society.

“Zinc dialkyl dithiophosphates (ZDDPs) are highly effective anti-wear agents used as machine lubricants (for example, greases, hydraulic oils, and motor oils), including applications in the automotive industry,” the ACS said on its website. .

The tanker truck was carrying 7,000 pounds of the chemical.

In response to the constant odor and community concerns, a town hall meeting in East Greenwich Township was planned for Tuesday night at 6. People could join the event in person or via Zoom.

Meeting organizers asked that people submit questions before Tuesday’s meeting.

A hotline has also been set up from 8 am to 4 pm You can call the GC OEM call center at 856-384-6800.