Prime Minister Modi’s attack on nepotism linked to internal BJP issues: Congress

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Speaking to reporters at party headquarters, Congress spokesman Pawan Khera said Modi seemed increasingly “jaded” as promises he has made since taking office in 2014 trouble him. now”. The country, which was “expecting” a balance sheet of pledges, is “disappointed” with the speech, Khera said.

“The Prime Minister has become a victim of his own words and seems jaded now. His promises trouble him now. What happened to the promise to double farmers’ incomes, to housing for all, to the promise to bring back black money? Khera asked.

On Modi identifying nepotism as a big challenge facing the country, Khera said it was not appropriate to make political statements on Independence Day, but “traditions are changing. change, led by the Prime Minister himself”.

“The political statements he made seem to be related to the internal issues of the BJP, its own dynastic issues. Perhaps he was attacking the Home Secretary, whose son, one wonders how, occupies such a high position in the administration of cricket. Perhaps he was attacking the Minister of Foreign Affairs whose son holds a high position in a foreign think tank. Maybe he was attacking the civil aviation minister or the defense minister’s son,” Khera said.

In his speech, Modi said dynastic politics is aimed at the “welfare of a family”, not the country. This, coupled with corruption, is corroding the foundations of the republic, he said, appealing to the people to join him in “purifying” the country’s politics and institutions to rid the country of these “evils”.

“Now it is up to the Prime Minister to clarify whether he attacked his own ministers or their sons. The country expected him to issue a bulletin on his promises. His speech disappointed the whole country as well as his supporters,” Khera said.