Real Story Behind the Cartoon Character Shin-Chan

We all watched Shinchan growing up, so the name is nothing new to us. The show almost became a household name and still has a huge legion of fans. Both adults and children enjoyed the show equally. The lame jokes and humor served as a complete stress-buster. The show still airs on various cartoon channels, and today’s kids enjoy it all the same. It has become a global sensation, and you will come across various merchandise, accessories, and even magazines about the show. However, controversies surround Shinchan’s real story, and it is difficult to say which one holds true. If you are curious about the real story of Shinchan, we have got you covered.

The adored manga character has more to its story than what is shown to us. Even if the character is loved by all, very few know about the real Shinchan story.

Who is Shinchan?

Shinchan, the worldwide famous character, made his first appearance in Weekly Manga Action, a Japanese weekly magazine. Manga artist Yoshito Usui wrote and illustrated the Japanese series. Futabasha publishes the Weekly Manga Action, and the series gained quick publicity.

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The manga debuted in 1990 but unfortunately came to an end on September 11, 2009, due to the tragic death of Usui. The original manga ended when Yoshito Usui jumped to his death from the top of Mount Arafune. However, the character returned in the summer of 2010 as a new manga titled “New Crayon Shin-chan,” as new manuscripts were discovered.

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Shinchan: Is it a real story?

You will come across many theories and rumors surrounding Shinchan’s real story, but it is very difficult to confirm which is true. According to many, the whole manga seems to have been inspired by the real-life story of a boy.

Apparently, Shinchan is based on a young boy named Shinnosuke Nohara. It is believed that Nohara died in a car accident while saving his younger sister Himawari. After his death, their mother Misae went through a prolonged period of deep misery. To fill in the absence, she started sketching her deceased son.

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Crayon Shin-Chan Wiki

The mourning mother supposedly began sketching her deceased son’s mischiefs as the memories came to her. Later, when Usui saw these sketches, something struck within him. He felt immense pain and hope being reflected in those sketches. In the Shinchan real story, it is believed that the mangaka brought the dead kid back to life as a manga character who lived through imagination.

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So, people believe that this is the actual reason why they will never air the last episode of the cartoon series. If they ever release it, the last episode would have to match the real Shinchan story.

Different Angles on the Real Story of Shinchan

There are other rumors about Shinchan’s real story as well. Many think that the character Shinchan was a portrayal of the mangaka, Usui’s own childhood. He saw himself as a rebellious kid who wanted to do a lot but couldn’t due to constraints. So, he let his imagination fly to include all the things he wanted to do as a kid and everything that sparked curiosity in the manga.

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