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Sarangpu Hanuman Mandir

Shri Hanuman Mandir in Sarangpur is a Hindu temple situated in Sarangpur, Gujarat. In Gujarati, “Sarang” which means peacock, hence the name “Sarangpur,” meaning a place where peacocks reside. This temple is affiliated with the Vadtal Gadi of the Swaminarayan Sampraday. It is the only Swaminarayan temple that doesn’t feature the murtis of either Swaminarayan or Krishna as the primary deity for worship.

Dedicated to Lord Kastbhanjan, a manifestation of Lord Hanuman, the temple’s name is derived from the term “Kastbhanjan,” which means the “Crusher of Sorrow.” This is why the temple is also recognized as the Kashtbhanjan Hanuman Temple.

Sarangpur Hanuman temple history

After being authorised with the temple’s management in 1899, Shastri Yagnapurushdas is credited with renovating the shrine, acquiring additional land, and constructing new buildings on the premises.

The Hanuman Idol, installed by Sadguru Gopalanand Swami in 1905, holds significant importance in the Swaminarayan Sampraday. According to author Raymond Williams, during the installation, Sadguru Gopalanand Swami is believed to have touched the Hanuman idol with a rod, bringing it to life and causing it to move.

In 1907, Swami Yagnapurushdas broke away and founded BAPS. The new mahant for the Sarangpur temple was then selected by Govardhandas. Since then, the Vadtal Gadi has introduced additional structures and enhancements to the temple.

Sarangpur Hanuman temple

The architecture of the Sarangpur Hanuman mandir

In 1899, Kothari Gordhandas of Vadtal appointed Shastri Yagnapurushdas to oversee the temple’s operations. Shastri Yagnapurushdas renovated the site, built an adjoining bungalow, and expanded the complex by acquiring additional land, shaping it into its present form.

The Hanuman idol in this temple portrays a powerful figure with a distinctive mustache, displayed crushing a female demon underfoot. He stands amidst sculpted foliage, accompanied by monkey followers carrying fruits.

sarangpur hanuman mandir timing

Significance of this Hanuman temple

Legend has it that the temple’s image holds immense power, believed to ward off evil spirits with just a gaze. Saturdays are dedicated to a special ceremony for those with mental ailments. They’re brought to the temple to be touched by a rod used by Sadguru Gopalanand Swami during the image’s installation, now encased in silver.

A brahmin householder is chosen as the temple priest for this ritual. After the ceremony, the individual is instructed to complete a full lap around the temple. Some take vows to do this a specific number of times or chant the Swaminarayan Mahamantra.

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Sarangpur Hanuman Mandir location

Sarangpur is located in the Botad District of Gujarat, India. It is renowned for the sacred Shri Kashtabhanjan Hanumanji Temple, standing at about 108 feet. This is the second-highest temple in Gujarat.

How to Reach Sarangpur Hanuman Temple:

By Road: Easily accessible by car, GSRTC, private buses, premium buses, or autos.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is Botad Junction, approximately 73 km away. Taxis and buses are available to the temple.

By Air: From Ahmedabad Airport, the journey to Sarangpur’s Hanuman Temple takes about 3 hours and 20 minutes. Covering approximately 100 miles or 161 km by road.

Kashtbhanjan Hanuman Temple

Sarangpur Hanuman Mandir time

The Sarangpur Temple welcomes visitors for Darshan from 5:30 AM to 9 PM, with a break from 12 PM to 3 PM. The Mangla Aarti takes place at 5:30 AM. Additionally, a special Shangar Aarti is conducted every Tuesday and Saturday at around 7:00 AM.

sarangpur hanuman mandir time

The Sarangpur Hanuman Mandir, also known as the Kashtbhanjan Hanuman Temple, is well-known across the country. People praise it for its mystery and special ceremonies that aim to heal mental health issues and other health problems.

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