Scout Masterson Cause of Death, Car Accident, Obituary & More

Scout Masterson, a casting director, has passed away at the age of 48. The news of Scout Masterson’s unfortunate and untimely demise as a casting director and actor has come as a shock to many. It has been reported that Scout Masterson from The Island passed away on September 12, 2022.

As a result, fans and followers of the American actor Scout Masterson were taken aback by the news of his sudden and unexpected passing due to natural causes.

Who is Scout Masterson?

Scout Masterson, an American casting director and actor, was born on July 4, 1974, in DuBois, Pennsylvania, USA. He has gained recognition for his successful career as a casting director in the film industry, contributing to several notable movies.

Some of his best movies include The Island (2005), The World Is Not Enough (1999), and Constantine (2005). Alongside his professional achievements, Scout Masterson is also known for his personal life. He tied the knot with Bill Horn on May 23, 2009, forming a loving and committed partnership.

Bill Horn, a publicist and television personality, is recognized for his involvement in the reality TV series “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood”. The couple has been together for many years and shares a child. Scout Masterson’s talent as a casting director and actor has left an indelible mark on the industry, working on some of its most prominent films.

What Happened To Scout Masterson?

Scout Masterson, a respected figure in the industry, unfortunately passed away on September 11 at the age of 48. His husband, Bill Horn, shared the heartbreaking news on his Instagram page, expressing that Scout’s children, Simone and Boz, meant everything to him.

Throughout his career, Scout Masterson made significant contributions as an Emmy Award-nominated casting director before transitioning into the role of a publicist. He leaves behind his husband, Horn, as well as his daughter, Simone Lynn, and son, Bosley Jo, as cherished members of his family.

How did Scout Masterson Die?

The mysterious death of Scout Masterson still puzzles as his family withholds any details about it. All that has been revealed to the public is the unexpected nature of his demise.

Contrary to speculation, it is rumored that Scout Masterson’s passing was not the result of an accident but rather a natural cause. However, his family remains tight-lipped about the actual circumstances surrounding his death.


Scout Masterson’s demise was allegedly not caused by any accident. However, it was a natural death, although the family has kept the true cause of death undisclosed to the public. Online speculations have arisen suggesting that Scout Masterson’s death may have been the result of a car accident.

However, none of these claims can be substantiated since the late casting director and publicist’s family has chosen not to disclose any information regarding the incident. Despite initial reports stating that Scout Masterson passed away from natural causes, the family has maintained their silence on the matter.


Scout Masterson, a former casting director, passed away on September 11 at the age of 48. The reason behind Scout Masterson’s death is still unknown as his family has chosen not to disclose any details. The only thing known to the public is that Scout Masterson is no more.

Talking about Scout Masterson’s obituary, there is a lack of information regarding the time, place, and manner of burial. The family has made a decision to keep these details private and grieve their loss away from the prying eyes of the media.

However, many friends and fans of Scout Masterson expressed their sorrow online. We would have liked to be there with the family to mourn and lay him to rest, but unfortunately, that was not possible.

Therefore, there is no available information about Scout Masterson’s obituary. Considering that Scout Masterson passed away in 2022, we assume that by now the family has arranged the burial and that family and close friends were able to bid their final farewells in person.

The Cause of Scout Masterson’s Death Remains Unreleased by Family

Scout Masterson’s cause of death remains a mystery as his family has not yet released any information about his passing. The public is only aware that his death was unexpected. Additionally, condolences continue to pour in from those who were touched by Scout.

On Instagram, Tori Spelling, best friend of Scout and known for her role in 90210, expressed her difficulty in accepting his departure. She praised his selflessness and kindness, describing him as the best dad, husband, son, dog dad, friend, and Guncle. In her post, she shared a heartwarming memory:

“Stella said to me, ‘I can’t believe I’ll never get a hug from Uncle Scouty again. He gave the best hugs. And, it always smelled so good.’ All true. He was the best hugger in the world. Love and prayers to his incredibly beautiful family. If you can, light a candle in his honor. Let it be a beautiful flame in his honor.”

Denise Richards, known for her role in Bold & Beautiful, also paid tribute to Scout on Instagram. She shared cherished memories of their time together, including pool days and supporting each other through the adoption process with Eloise.

“Scouty, I will never forget you and the beautiful memories we created over the years. All the pool days we had, sharing moments with the kids. You and Billy were my confidants throughout the adoption process with Eloise, and we shared many other memories together.”

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