Selling Sunset Star Maya Vander and Husband Dave Miller Welcome their Rainbow Baby

Maya Vander’s rainbow baby has entered the world. Selling Sunset’s alum and her husband, Dave Miller, have welcomed their third child, over a year and a half since Maya shared the devastating news of a stillbirth at 38 weeks in December 2021.

The luxury real estate pro and Dave Miller now embrace the presence of their baby girl. Two kids already grace their lives: Aiden, their son, and Elle, their daughter. Discover the further details about their newborn daughter, including her charming name, as the story unfolds.

Maya Vander, alongside her husband Dave Miller, embraced the profound joy of expanding their family as they welcomed their third child. The delightful news of their baby girl, Emma Reign, resonated across social networks when Maya shared the announcement on Instagram on Thursday, May 11, 2023.

“Welcome to the world Emma Reign! My rainbow baby! This was a long 9 months as I kept my pregnancy as quiet as possible from social media. I gave birth few days ago and words can not express my sense of relief and happiness,” she wrote in the caption of the post.

Vander added, “Thank you so much @femcareobgyn and dr Senemar. Thank you to the amazing nurses at Baptist hospital. I will forever be grateful ❤️ and yes I’m wearing a mask because of course I had the worse cold????but I made it to push a baby with full stuffy nose;)”

Maya Vander Welcomes Baby Girl Emma Reign in the Early Days of May

Maya Vander, with her husband Dave Miller, discreetly welcomed the arrival of their baby girl, Emma Reign, in the early days of May. In an exclusive conversation with People magazine, the reality TV star shared insights into her journey, including the quiet nature of her pregnancy and the deep sense of relief experienced upon safely delivering their precious bundle of joy at Baptist Hospital in Miami. As Maya expressed her joyous sentiments, she openly spoke about the profound significance of her baby girl’s birth.

With a notable presence in the television world, the personality delved into the details, revealing, “At 37 weeks, I underwent induction. Considering the unfortunate stillbirth I experienced at 38 weeks, my cautious doctor insisted on close monitoring twice a week during the final stages.”

Maya proceeded to elaborate, stating, “The induction led to a vaginal delivery, following the pattern of my previous childbirths.” Despite a swift recovery, she recounted a moment of distress, expressing, “During the delivery, there was a moment of alarm as her heartbeat dipped. It transpired that the cord had entwined around her delicate neck. Given my recent loss, the situation took on an even more harrowing tone. While my husband grappled with immense worry, my sole focus remained on ensuring her safe arrival. Credit must be given to my exceptional gynecologist, Dr. Senemar, as well as the commendable nurses who stood by our side.”

Unveiling Maya Vander and Husband Dave Miller’s Choice for Their Baby Girl

The couple found solace in the name Emma for their baby girl, finding it harmonious alongside their children’s names, Aiden and Elle. Seeking a combination of simplicity and elegance, they sought to infuse the name with resilience. Explaining their choice, they shared with the publication, “Reign embodies her regal presence, symbolizing strength. We believe that Emma Reign encapsulates her perfectly.”

When did Maya Vander announce her third pregnancy?

For those unfamiliar, allow us to divulge the recent revelation from Maya Vander, who unveiled her impending arrival of the third child a mere few days prior. Sharing the state of being “9 months pregnant” and anticipating the imminent arrival of a baby girl, Maya’s words resonated with both excitement and trepidation.

During an interview with The US Sun during that period, Maya candidly expressed, “This experience is imbued with exhilaration, yet it also harbors amplified fears and concerns in light of previous circumstances. I opted for social media silence, for I have endured the heartache of losing a baby when I was nine months pregnant in the past.”

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