Shark Tank India’s Namita Thapar says she ‘didn’t have to ask anyone’s permission’ to spend crores: ‘I was bullying men, making my own decisions’

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indian shark tank Namita Thapar, in an interview with writer Chetan Bhagat on his YouTube channel, spoke about the importance of giving young women role models beyond social media influencers. She thanked the show for the opportunity to present herself as an independent woman who could make high-stakes decisions and go toe-to-toe with men.

Namita admitted that she has been trolled after appearing on the show, but said that she has developed such tough skin that even her ‘father, mother or husband’ no longer affects her. Namita had previously revealed that she spent Rs 10 crore on the show.

When Chetan pointed out that young women often don’t see non-celebrity female role models, Namita said, “You know what’s so beautiful about Shark Tank? In most of the episodes, I was sitting with four men, and they saw that I didn’t have to ask anyone’s permission to put my crores of rupees; I didn’t have to ask anyone. I stood shoulder to shoulder as a true equal to men, making my own decisions over crores of rupees, making my own decisions, asking the right questions, being smart, but comfortable being glamorous.”

Namita added, “I think it was very refreshing for people to see that. She was intimidating men and giving them a hard time. She was talking a lot; we had our pow-wows. And I think they saw a woman who makes financial decisions without consulting anyone, that she feels comfortable looking glamorous, talking and arguing with men when she needed to. And that’s a very powerful image. And I thank Shark Tank for giving me that image.”

The first season of indian shark tank it was a huge hit on television and, subsequently, on broadcast. He not only made Namita a household name, but also fellow ‘sharks’ Anupam Mittal, Peyush Bansal, Vineeta Singh, Ghazal Alagh, Aman Gupta and Ashneer Grover. A second season is in the works.