Shehnaz Treasure recommends the best non-tourist activities to do in Kodaikanal

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Shehnaz TreasureThe Instagram page of is a treasure for travel enthusiasts. It only recommends places to visit, both national and international, but also shares the best experiences one can have on their trip.

As such, in case you are confused about which place to visit for your next to travel adventure, the globetrotter recommends “the scenic views, delicious southern food, and peaceful atmosphere” of Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu.

Also, to make things a little easier for you, the travel blogger he even shared the things you can do there.

“It is Kodaikanal it’s worth visiting? – so many of you have been asking me. Here is my answer. Yes, definitely, especially this time of year. The weather is perfect!” she captioned the Instagram video of him. “Get off the tourist trail and try these things,” she added.

lake mannavanur

Although the famous Kodai Lake has its charm, it can often be too crowded and may not be the best place to relax. As such, Shehnaz recommends visiting Lake Mannavanur and trying out the coracle spin. boat rides which will give you the feeling of an “amusement park”.

sheep farm

Near Lake Mannavanur, there is a hidden gem: a sheep farm. Located in a picturesque village, you can spend some quality time in the midst of nature in the company of some adorable sheep here.

Poombarai village

famous for his Garlic production, Shenaz suggested a trip to this town. “Definitely go for a walk to Poombarai Village. The views just before you arrive are spectacular,” she wrote.

Explore the pine forest

Known for his dramatic tall pinesShehnaz recommends taking a leisurely walk in the middle of nature. However, she also writes: “Please don’t eat randomly mushrooms. They can be poisonous.”