Social Media Marketing Trends To Lookout for In 2024

There has been a shift in the marketing ways on social media since the past year. These trends have seen a change due to the on-sought changes in the market for advertising, while how marketers should approach customers seems to be changing too. Social media thus plays a huge role in this change with innovation in the area as well. Social media is also growing with more and more subscribers daily, so much so that it has reached 3.7 billion social media users globally in the year 2021. Thus, brands are just brainstorming on ways to tackle the market through social media, while also focusing on effective, result-oriented approaches to marketing through social media.

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Below is the compilation of some of the top expert advice on social media marketing trends to follow in the year 2022 with research-backed methods. Dive in and find out what you should be leveraging.

1. TikTok holds the power to dominate the social media space

It was easy to say that TikTok may be a fad, waiting to fade out but that is not the case. It Is growing fast, so you better make use of it starting today. TikTok has had a 61 percent increase in mentions; the first to reach 3 million in downloads after Facebook. TikTok is unique and engaging, which is why it is becoming famous with engagement strategies for new brands and present brands. For example, NBA players have a huge following with the content they share and their partner brands receive a huge benefit too. This is an easygoing platform with both creative and funny content. It makes a mark with the customers, that too around the whole world. People want to engage too and recreate or share content. Influencer marketing is on the hype too, but with the use of TikTok and let us not even add the makeup industry that occupies TikTok and its trends. Taking some advantage TikTok and its trending content into your own would help you get a longer foot in the market.

2. Reaching new markets through social media is a top goal

Brands and companies have been more focused on growth strategies than having to focus on reach and awareness. This year-round, brands will focus on awareness to increase reach into new markets and also reach out to an influencer with broader depth to gain some market share where there is low and opportunities are present. Because of the pandemic, the shift in the customer to online work has led to customers wanting a solution to many different problems they have, such as new toys for kids, innovative smart home tech, or the automatic ways to dry laundry or clean floors. Even products that are better or organic for health, skin, and the human body. Thus, brands with niche products can move into the market and attract customers all over the world with innovative marketing methods.

3. Augmented reality and Innovative methods to market on social media

AR is the new way to market and for people to experience products. Do you want to know how the dress will look on you; you can try it in the AR. It is simple and makes things easy for people. Most of all e-commerce will be an easy feat as customers can see the product on a more real-life size or type. This will help them to arrange what they want and what they do not. People can also use innovative methods like live streaming to show products like a new fashion line or new product models. There are also ways for influencers to highlight products to the audience with which they have collaborated and this makes it a form of trust with word of mouth marketing too. Influencer marketing can be mixed with AR, such as favorite people trying out different items or displaying them to the audience in creative ways.


Overall, these are some of the new ways social media marketing will change. However, there is a lot more in scope with Snapchat and Twitter being utilized for business and marketing. While social media would also become a hub for business-to-business markets. Social media will become more about just talking and interacting with friends and family, rather than interacting with the world. There will be changes to the content and how the market views that. There will also be more demand for online shopping and social selling.

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