Summer health: Does dehydration change the color of urine?

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Not drinking enough water in the summer can lead to dehydration, a condition that can cause dizziness, thirst, fatigue and dry mouth and lips, experts say. The condition will also lead to urinating less, with the color of the urine changing.

But why is this so? Before understanding this, let’s first know all about dehydration and its causes.

What is dehydration?

According to, dehydration is the absence of a sufficient amount of water in the body. Even losing a little water, as little as 1.5 percent of your body water, can cause symptoms of dehydration, he said.

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Since our body tries to cool itself down through the natural process of sweating, this can lead to dehydration, especially in the summer. It is therefore essential to drink more water. Other reasons can be diarrhea, vomiting, certain medications, diuretics, increased urination and fever, Dr. Anuja Lakra said., Consultant – Internal Medicine, HCMCT Manipal Hospital, Dwarka.

Drink enough water before you feel thirsty (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Signs and symptoms

Dehydration causes people to start be more thirstyhave dry mouth, dry lips, and they also start to feel more tired, and sometimes also dizzy, Dr. Lakra shared.

How does urine color help detect dehydration?

Dr. Lakra suggested first noting their frequency of going to the bathroom to urinate. “Normally, if a person goes seven to eight times, they will only go two to three times if they are dehydrated. Also, their urine will appear more yellowish, more concentrated, and have a foul or strong odor. Essentially, concentrated urine or dark yellow urine indicates dehydration,” she said.

Dr. ChandraVeer Singh, consultant ENT, and head and neck onco surgeon, Wockhardt Hospitals Mira Road added that dark yellow urine is an alarming sign and one should ‘drink more fluids to prevent dehydration’.

The color of urine should be pale yellow or clear, indicating adequate fluid intake.

What to do to prevent dehydration?

To avoid dehydration, in addition to drinking fluids regularly, reduce salty foods, do not do heavy or strenuous exercise and seek immediate medical attention if you experience vomiting or diarrhea, said expert Dr Tribhuvan Gulati. in diabetes, thyroid and metabolic disorders. Apollo Spectra Hospital, Delhi. “Also try to limit your intake of alcohol, coffee, sodas and colas as they are dehydrating in nature. Avoid going out during peak sunny hours,” says Dr. Gulati.

watermelon seeds, health benefits of watermelon seeds, health, indian express, indian express news Have water-based fruits to avoid dehydration (Source: Pixabay)

Dr. Lakra suggested consuming a variety of liquids in the form of normal water, coconut water, juice, electoral water, glucose water. “Also, buttermilk and fruits with high water content like muskmelon and watermelon should be consumed to stay hydrated,” she said.

Here are some benefits of drinking water, suggested by Dr Ajay Agarwal, Director, Department of Internal Medicine, Fortis Hospital, Noida.

* Water helps your muscles work at their best.
* Water can help boost brain function and mood.
* Water can help prevent and treat headaches.
* Drinking more water can help prevent constipation.
* Drinking water helps flush toxins from your kidneys.
* Water can help make your skin beautiful.
* Water helps prevent hangovers.
* Water helps regulate the internal temperature of the body.
* Drinking water fights bad breath.
* Water helps lubricant and cushion your joints.
*Water helps the body eliminate waste through urine and sweat.

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