Zodiac: Love Marriage Obstacles for Each Sign

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Marriage is a lifelong union of two individuals, who may have similar or opposing tastes, interests, habits, and perspectives. The stakes are higher in love marriages because the responsibility for the relationship rests only with the partners. It’s no secret that loving marriage comes with its own set of obstacles.


Aries are passionate about relationships. Couples with Aries partners are likely to be competitive and stimulating. Many times it is couples who are on the list of power couples. People from this zodiac sign can definitely go for love marriage, provided they are able to overcome the initial hurdles. There may be unexpected issues like lack of family support. But if they are sincere, they should try to convince their family. They should not allow the ego to interfere with the conversation.


The natives of Taurus especially like happy and stable relationships. It is their lack of confidence that can appear to be an obstacle in their romantic marriage. There may be some career related issues that raise doubts. They may be bogged down by roadblocks, but what they need to do is find a balance in their personal and professional lives. Taking the time to seek adventure can help.


People from this zodiac sign are known to have good communication skills. In most cases, a Gemini partner makes sure that the relationship before and after marriage is full of laughs. Those who are considering settling into a romantic marriage need to prepare for some issues that are outside of their relationship, but which could actually have a negative impact. The root cause of the problem is that they are not able to focus on their careers and everything related to their business. They tend to ignore the other while they are focusing on one thing. They should focus on both equally.


The prospects for those born in Cancer to have a successful date are very bleak. There is a certain lack of emotional support between the partners, which endangers the relationship. These people need to take time for themselves, and they should also focus more and support each other as a couple.


People from this zodiac sign are full of passion. There’s also no shortage of drama in the relationship. The communication problem between the couple and the timing problem faced by the partners is the main obstacle in romantic marriage. They should immediately focus on specific problems and start solving them one by one.


While Virgo natives would not find any major obstacles in the marriage for love, problems could arise after marriage. A lot of Virgo people tend to have a very easy going attitude in life which may not be very sympathetic to their partner and also lead to a lack of focus on the relationship. The only solution is to refocus attention on the relationship.


When a Libra person is in a relationship with someone, they make sure that the two are a completely balanced couple in terms of emotion, goal achievement, and career. As such, there is no obstacle in the marriage of love. However, there may be career related issues; it will not affect their personal life. Each partner can help the other to advance in their career.


The marriage of the natives of Scorpio would be full of passion and romance. A few years later, there would be problems in married life. Their relationship is said to be at a stage that can neither be considered good nor bad. The solution is to give time as well as space to each partner.


Sagittarius is meant to lead a fun life with their partners. There will be a lot of excitement and positive energy between the couple. However, they greatly lack effective time management, which can seem like an obstacle to their romantic marriage. They should probably plan a date with their partner, so that they can manage their time better.


It’s always difficult for Capricorns to maintain a relationship. The main issue that negatively impacts their relationship is their zeal to focus only on work. Another obstacle that could arise in romantic marriage is that sometimes they can be extremely good and sometimes very bad with their partner. To stay calm and positive and increase the chances of a romantic marriage, they need to have a good time with themselves.


Aquarius primarily considers a relationship to be more of a friendship where partners can share their sorrows as well as their happiness. When you have an Aquarius partner, you’re bound to have a lot of fun together. There is no obstacle in their path to the marriage of love.


They dream a lot and enjoy a romantic relationship a lot. While there might not be a major obstacle to a romantic marriage for them, the couple might not be in the happiest state possible due to a few small misunderstandings. They don’t have to worry much as misunderstandings will come and go.

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