The Future of Cosmetics: All About Packaging Innovations for the Sustainability Movement

Is your business optimized for the sustainable cosmetics movement?

If recent studies are any indication, the trend towards more eco-friendly products is growing exponentially, and Beauty Sourcing wants to help businesses meet this demand by offering innovative packaging options.  

According to at least one statistic, some 67% of consumers believe that beauty brands should be sustainably packaged, and nearly half of those surveyed indicated that they would be willing to pay higher prices for products that are. 

Many major beauty brands are already leveraging this movement by offering more recyclable or sustainable packaging, and it’s a wise investment for small businesses to follow suit. The benefits of utilizing a sustainable packaging strategy are many. In addition to reducing landfill waste, ocean contamination, and environmental pollution, it can also be an inexpensive and stylish approach to marketing products for the eco-conscious consumer.


A few of the top solutions that are trending at the moment include:

  • Paper and Cardboard Packaging

For products that require tubes or similar containers, one of the best innovations in recent years has been paper material or planted sugarcane, which can be used to replicate plastic using a combination of cardboard, Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic, recycled paper, and sugarcane materials. 

According to statistics, paper is the most frequently recycled material, translating to widespread adoption of this type of packaging and making it easier to move away from options made from petroleum, microplastic and other similarly harmful materials. 

  • Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic

An option that’s become very unpopular in beauty today is single-use plastics, which were once the go-to for cosmetics, but have since been shown to create some of the most harmful waste for the planet. 

Because single-use plastics can’t be recycled, many consumers now prefer an alternative to plastic packaging. PCR plastic provides a much more sustainable solution, creating bottles and containers made with recycled plastic that still maintain the same aesthetic as their single-use predecessors. These days many companies are moving towards this solution, with some even offering their own recycling programs as a way to increase awareness.

  • Wood and Biodegradable Bamboo

For your caps, lids, boxes, spatulas, and cosmetic droppers, wooden packaging using bamboo or other sustainable wood materials has become an elegant way to provide consumers with an upscale experience while still being environmentally friendly. 

Although the materials are, themselves, relatively inexpensive, they are easily sourced and evoke a sense of luxury thanks to their quality craftsmanship. As a bonus, these items are fully biodegradable, and can eliminate the need for removable inserts, meaning a better overall shelf life and sustainability for the formulas contained within.

  • Refillable Cosmetics

Another huge trend in skincare cosmetics right now is refillable packaging, which has been highly utilized across the market, but particularly within the makeup industry. Some of the biggest names in beauty are switching to containers with replaceable parts as a solution that is both cost-friendly for consumers and more environmentally sound for reducing waste. 

Consumers are gravitating towards more items featuring double wall packaging. Airless plastic bottles also allow them to reuse the outer container, while re-purchasing only the necessary elements to replenish their favorite products. Some brands are even offering subscription services for refills, providing added convenience and encouraging more customer loyalty as a result. 

Final Conclusion

It’s an exciting time for brands, manufacturers, and consumers alike to embrace a lifestyle that protects the planet and reduces landfill waste. As the sustainability movement continues to gain momentum, we expect to see even more groundbreaking innovations in packaging, formulation, distribution, and beyond. It’s a positive change that is sure to inspire new technology, trends, and even more creativity within the industry.

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