Queen of Rock n Roll Tina Turner and Her Children

Do you know who Tina Turner is? She is a legendary singer called the queen of rock and roll. She is also a songwriter and actress. Her flamboyant personality and her attitude inspire many singers today. She is now eight and one year old. But with all her popularity, she knew how to keep her private life. She has two biological sons and also has two adopted sons.

Here you can find out all about Tina Turner’s children. There are unknown details about them here.

Who are Tina Turner’s children?

Tina and Ike Turner Sr. with their children, about 1972 | Image credit: Getty Images

Tina Turner has four sons named Craig Raymond Turner and Ronald Renelle Turner. She had her first son with Raymond Hill. Then she had her second son with her husband Ike Turner. Turner adopted Ike Turner’s two sons named Ike Turner Jr. and Michael Turner. She raised them like her own sons.

About the first son Craig Raymond Turner

Turner was only eighteen when she gave birth to her first son. He was born on August 20, 1958. She started a relationship with Kings of Rhythm saxophonist named Raymond Hill. Their union led to the birth of Craig Raymond. But after Tina Turner married Ike Turner, he adopted Craig Raymond and became Craig Raymond Turner. He is the oldest child of Tina Turner.

But sadly in 2018, Craig Turner was found dead due to suicide. He was fifty-nine when he died. Reports indicated that his death was due to a self-inflicted gunshot.

The second son Ronnie Turner

Image Credit: Twitter

Ronald Renelle Turner is affectionately referred to as Ronnie by the family. He was born on October 27, 1960. He became bassist of the Manufactured Funk group with the musician Patrick Moten. In addition, he played guitar in his mother’s band.

In 2007, he married singer Afida Turner. With her, he has two sons who are the grandchildren of Tina Turner.

Adopted son Ike Turner Jr.

Ike Turner Jr and Tina Turner

Ike Turner Jr’s father, Ike Turner, and stepmother Tina Turner have divorced. But Ike Turner Jr lived with his stepmother with his three brothers. But he claims that he and his brothers only have a distant relationship with their mother.

He was a sound engineer at Bolic Sound. Additionally, he won a Grammy for producing his father’s album Risin ‘with the Blues.

In the autobiography, Tina Turner shared that she had drifted away from her three sons. She was only close to her first son Craig. But she says she’s always there for her boys. Wherever the boys are, they will always be Tina Turner’s children.


Tina is a great icon. When she became famous, it was difficult for her to take care of her boys. But she loves them very much.

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