Tips for setting up a home gym

Dedicating an entire room to a gym is a real privilege. Generally, we are satisfied with a small space in the living room or in the bedroom, and when we have a studio, the living room is not conducive to the installation of this function. Another requirement, in addition to the need for space, is storage. The equipment and accessories are sometimes cumbersome. How and where to hide them in the house? In addition, practicing sports in a small space can be noisy for the neighbors. Here are some tips!  

Create a dedicated room 

This will depend on the amount of space you have in your home. However, if you decide to dedicate a room to your sport activity, you will feel psychologically more in harmony with your hobby. A bedroom, attic or garage can become a sports room, provided that it is well ventilated, with a minimum area of 10 m2, to install heavy equipment such as machines. If you have a garden, you can install your gym there. You can go here to find quality garden gyms.

Regulate the temperature of the sports area

When practicing a physical effort indoors, it is recommended to ventilate the room well, especially to regulate the humidity level in the air. A certain temperature must be maintained to avoid overheating or, on the contrary, coldness. If possible, ventilate as much as possible and avoid fans or air conditioners which encourage dust to rise. Simply leave a window open during your session.  

Choose equipment within reach

From the point of view of equipment, it is not necessarily necessary to spend thousands of dollars to practice sports at home. For example, there are many solutions at home. “You don’t need to own a lot of equipment or big weight machines, you can use what you have available like chairs or a sofa to do squats, a table or even stairs”, explains coach Thomas Chevalier. If you’re lucky enough to have a gym in your backyard, you can install machines for sessions of the same quality as at the gym.

Make clever storage for your equipment

Once you’ve used your equipment, you need to store it properly. When you don’t have much space, the sports coach suggests making a simple box in which you put all your equipment. To keep it within easy reach, store this box near your exercise area. It can also be a closet or a dedicated piece of furniture. The important thing is to have all your equipment in one place so you don’t have to waste time looking for it when you’re working out.  

Paint the walls in color

The environment and decoration can play an important role in your workout. If possible, paint a wall green or red, as these colors encourage creativity. Soft, natural colors, such as green or pastel pink, are appropriate for a space dedicated to relaxation activities.  

Create a motivating atmosphere

In addition to a beautiful color on the walls, the atmosphere should be pleasant and energizing. A sound system playing lively music will motivate you. A mirror can also enlarge the space and help you correct your posture.

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