Top 10 Smallest Houses and Buildings in the World

Compact homes are all the rage today. People like to live in small buildings because it is easy to maintain them. This is why small spaces have become homes adapted to the modern era. In addition, the space available to build a house decreases, so people on a budget turn to small, well-constructed buildings. Now they can live a comfortable life in these little buildings. All over the world, many small buildings have become tourist attractions. Some are old buildings and some are new projects. You too can take a look at the smallest buildings in the world. Take a look at the most iconic and smallest building here.

1. The Riverside House in Japan

The Japanese are well known for their devices. But they are also appreciated for their construction techniques. Since buying land in Japan and building a house is expensive, many people have turned to small apartment buildings. They are called micro-houses. Shack living has become a trend and they were created by Kengo Kuma who is an architect. These houses look small but they are built spacious as two adults and one child can comfortably live in this kind of house. In addition, this building has two floors and receives a lot of natural light.

2. The Quai House in Wales

The Quai House in Wales

These types of little buildings are adorable. These are the small houses in Brittany. Now they have become a well known attraction. Although these houses do not have a toilet, they are comfortable. It belonged to a fisherman named Robert Jones. The area of ​​the house is only 3m X 1.8m. But the former owner of the house, Robert Jones, was 6 feet 3 inches tall.

3. The North Queensferry Lighthouse in Scotland

North Queensferry Lighthouse in Scotland

It is also one of the smallest buildings in the world. It was built in 1817 and is 11 feet tall. Then a person should do twenty-four easy steps. In addition, it can accommodate two people so it is a very small house. But it served as a functional longhouse that guided many boats. Now it has become a famous tourist attraction and falls under the North Queensferry Heritage Society.

4. The Prince Edward Island Library in Canada

The Prince Edward Island Library in Canada

Libraries are important to humanity. They are generally constructed as large buildings that are easy to accommodate many books. But there is a small library in Canada on Prince Edward Island. It measures only 11.5 x 11.5 feet and holds 1,800 pounds. The manager of this extraordinary library is a father and daughter. Many readers visit this library to find the books they like.

5. The Turin primary school

Turin primary school

It is not exactly a house but a school located in Turin. This primary school is renowned for its spacious space. In addition, it is a simple classroom for a student. But fifteen school staff are helping him. You might be surprised after hearing this, but it is the truth. Such a school exists. That’s why this little school comes on your list.

6. Château Hattem – Netherlands

Château Hattem - Netherlands
Kasteeltje Hattem – The smallest castle in the Netherlands

It is a small castle located in the Netherlands. It is a 17th century building with a lot of history behind it. Nowadays there is a hotel in the castle which offers rooms for people. This castle looks old but many renovations have been done there. This is why many people find this castle ideal to reside in. They come here for vacation and have a peaceful time. This castle is also surrounded by a magnificent park.

7. Little house – Portland, Oregon

Little House - Portland, Oregon

This home is located in the hills of Portland, Oregon. These are the tiny houses built in the United States. As the new trend is to live a minimalist lifestyle, many buy such a small house for their family to move in. The house has a small layout and a small storage room. In addition, the house is made of steel, but the doors and windows are made of wood. Picturesque mountains and hills surround this house.

8. Café – Lincoln, England

Cafe - Lincoln, England

Lincoln has a small cafe which is a favorite place for many people. It is a 6.5 foot cafe that has a small bar and seating. In addition, the owner of this shop is Adam Lowiss. Lots of people love the coffee, sandwiches, and tea he makes in the store. It is a lovely place to visit.

9. Perron Museum – East, Netherlands

Museum platform - East, Netherlands

It is the smallest museum in the world located in the Eastern Docklands. It is a nineteen square foot building and houses many exhibits. Also, he was rescued from an artist named Joep van Lieshout in the 1990s. He wanted to destroy the house.

10. The Hobbit’s House – Wales

The Hobbit House - Wales

The Hobbit House in Wales is built by its owner. The family wanted to live close to nature. So they built a house in the forest. The hobbit house is built with natural materials to blend in with the surroundings. It’s a nice, comfortable house to live in, so people who work in the forest get rest if they need it in the hobbit house. The owners who built the house have moved to another location.

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