Types of ants and how to get rid of them?

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Ants are creatures that can enter our homes without our permission in large numbers. There are many ways to get rid of ants, but what really works? Sometimes ants can enter your kitchen and invade your sweet treats. Otherwise, they can take refuge in your wardrobe and eat away at your clothes. Do you notice small holes in your expensive clothes? It’s because of the ants. There are also many types of ants. It is important to know what type of ant you are dealing with to discourage its invasion. Here you can find the details about the types of ants and the different types of ants. Then you can keep your home clean and ant-free.

How to identify the types of ants?

You can start by identifying the types of ants in your home. Know their nesting habits and get an idea of ​​where they live. Sometimes they can nest outside and enter your home to get food. You can take a picture of the ant and send it to the local university extension service near you. They will tell you what type of ant it is. They will give you fact sheets on the different types of ants. In addition, they will give you advice on how to get rid of them. This way you can say goodbye to the army of ants trying to enter your house for shelter.

Here are some types of ants that can come to your home.

Types of ants

1. Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are usually found near human settlements. They don’t eat the wood as many think but they can damage it. They create tunnels inside the wood and nest inside. They live in large colonies. You can see them in your garden, on the terrace and more. These ants are small in size but they can damage the structure. This is why it is important to stop their invasion quickly. These types of ants are most active after dusk. Ants’ favorite foods are sugar and protein. But they will eat anything from human food to pet food.

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2. Sidewalk ants

If you see a line of tiny ants in your home and especially in the kitchen, they are known as sidewalk ants. They are also called sugar ants. They are small in size and black in color. Sidewalk ants are known as such because they build houses on the sidewalk of houses. Then they eat whatever they find inside the house, such as small food scraps, pet food, etc. If left carelessly, these ants can completely overrun the kitchen.

3. Fire ants

Fire ants are commonly found in southern states of the United States. Their bodies are small and they are dull red or red-brown in color. Also, they have a stinger on the back part of their abdomen. That is why many do not like these ants. Their bite is extremely painful. That’s why they got this name. In addition, fire ants also like to invade. They first came to the United States from South America in the 1930s. After that, the ant population exploded and they are now available in large numbers.

4. Argentine ants

Argentine ants are available throughout the United States. They like to live in an urban environment. These ants are light or dark brown in color. They are 2.2 to 2.8 mm long. Ants are great builders as they build elaborate nests. Additionally, they use fibrous materials like wood, debris, mulch, or cavities.

5. Harvester ants

Harvester types of ants are one of the largest breeds in California. They have a red and dark brown body. Additionally, they have square heads and spineless bodies. Outdoor harvester ants can destroy vegetation in the circular area of ​​their colonies or nests. You may notice a few patches of bare grass in the nest.

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Steps to Get Rid of Ants

how to get rid of ants

a. Find the ant nest

One solution to get rid of ants is to get rid of their nest. If you have carpenter ants in your home, they will nest in wooden furniture or other types of wooden materials in your home. They will nest in these areas and damage them. Finding the nest is not an easy task. But there is a way to find them. Ants generally like to live in moist places. Some of the areas like bathrooms, under kitchen sink, attic are their favorite places to live. They build a nest in these places. So try to hunt down the ant nest in these areas.

b. Clear Ant Trail

If you see one, there will be others too. This is because the ants leave a scent trail and other ants follow it. They work in community to build a nest, so they depend on each other to navigate. It is therefore not enough to sweep or mop the floor because the smell will not go away. Instead, you can use 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water in a spray can. This will eliminate the smell and prevent ants from entering the house. Then you can easily kill ants that have entered your home with insect repellents.

vs. Remove ant colonies

Once you set up a poisonous ant bait, you can expect a lot of ants to come. This means that the ants have fallen prey to the bait. Then they will go to their colonies and spread the toxic chemical on the other ants as well. One of the best baits for getting rid of ants is liquid poisonous bait. Sweet-loving ants will easily get stuck in it. But for other types of ants, you can use solid baits. After two weeks, you can replace the bait containers. If that doesn’t work, you need to find the nest and try to destroy it.

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D. Kill ants in the yard

Anthills can ruin the beauty of your garden. That’s why it has to be removed. If you have ants in a certain area, you can treat the area with an outdoor insecticide. The liquid or granules work to get rid of the ants. But for large-scale ant problems in the yard, you need to mow the lawn. Then you need to spray the insecticide in the yard. You may need to do this repeatedly at different times to eliminate the ant invasion.


After knowing the types of ants, you will know how to eliminate them from the surroundings of your house. Send the ants back to their places by following the dots here.

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