Unveiled: The Current Status of Cole Sprouse and Ari Fournier’s Relationship

Cole Sprouse and Ari Fournier started their romance in 2021 and have remained together ever since, sparking speculation and excitement among their admirers. Although the couple hasn’t been seen in public together for a while, their relationship status is still going strong, as demonstrated by this timeline of their enduring love.

The evolution of their relationship can be traced from their first date to their current status as a couple

Many admirers of Hollywood’s most beloved couple, Cole Sprouse and Ari Fournier, have been captivated by their exciting rollercoaster of a relationship that has seen both highs and lows. In this article, we will delve into their romantic journey, starting from their first date to their current status as a couple. We will also investigate whether they are still together.

Their relationship sparked rumors in February 2021 when they were first spotted kissing in public. This marked their first appearance as a couple, and they were seen holding hands and enjoying each other’s company. Many speculated that their relationship was more than just friendship.

Since then, their increasing number of followers have been avidly following their every move in the hopes of catching a glimpse of their blossoming romance. With numerous public outings and adorable Instagram posts, Cole and Ari have quickly become one of 2021’s most popular couples. They have undoubtedly captured the hearts of their numerous admirers, whether they are still dating or not.

In May 2021, Cole Sprouse and Ari Fournier were spotted dining together

During May of 2021, photographs of Cole Sprouse and Ari Fournier holding hands and kissing at a restaurant in Los Angeles spread rapidly across the internet. These pictures created a great deal of public and media interest, leading to intense speculation about their relationship status. Many individuals were curious about the unexpected pairing of these two renowned figures.

Starting in July 2021, Cole began featuring Ari in a series of Instagram posts

In July 2021, Cole and Ari confirmed their relationship by sharing a series of Instagram images together. These posts made it clear that they were deeply in love and regularly shared private moments with each other. By taking this step, they showed the world that they were serious about their relationship. This marked a significant turning point in the couple’s lives and the beginning of a new chapter for them.

In August 2021, Cole and Ari celebrated Cole’s birthday. Ari expressed her joy and love for Cole on Instagram, sharing a photo and a lovely caption that said, “I’m pleased you were born,” as a way of showing her appreciation for him. This heartfelt message was sure to make them both smile as they reflected on this special day.

Cole also wished Ari a happy birthday on Instagram and shared a series of stunning photos. He captioned the post “Birthday girl going to kick my ass for these” in a lighthearted way, but it was clear that he cherished his spouse. They continued to share images demonstrating their love for each other, making this a memorable occasion that they will always remember.

Ari shared a birthday wish for Cole on Instagram in August 2021
Credit: E online

They both attended the Moonshot Red Carpet Event

In March 2022, Cole Sprouse and his new girlfriend made a public appearance on the red carpet for the Moonshot film premiere. The couple had previously kept their romance private, and their appearance marked a significant moment in their relationship, demonstrating how far they had come since they first met.

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