Uttarakhand plans ‘Modi circuit’ at Corbett, card is Man vs Wild episode

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Uttarakhand government is working on tourist tours for Maa Bhagwati, Shiva, Vishnu, Nav-grah, Golju Maharaj, Nagdevta, Hanuman and Vivekanand. The next step is a “Modi Circuit”.

The state’s tourism department is developing a trail that will cover places visited and activities undertaken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a special episode of survival reality TV show ‘Man vs Wild’, starring Bear Grylls, shot inside Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand.

PM Narendra Modi was a special guest on Bear Grylls’ Man vs Wild show.

Senior officials said they had started identifying locations and making arrangements for tourists to visit and stay.

In the episode that aired in August 2019, Grylls met Modi at a rendezvous point and embarked on a series of adventures, including crafting an improvised spear from a stick in an area of ​​the park that would be dominated by tigers, with the help of a knife and rope. The two men had walked along the Kosi River and crossed it using a makeshift raft in the rain. The Prime Minister had also consumed a drink made from neem leaves.

The Prime Minister had expressed his enthusiasm for the experience and predicted that in the coming days the region he was visiting would become a major tourist attraction for the world.

Uttarakhand Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj says the idea for a “Modi tour” came to him when he heard about the Game of Thrones tour while visiting Croatia, in the framework in which tourists are taken to the locations where the famous television series was filmed. .

“We have already created several circuits, for Maa Bhagwati, Shiva, Vishnu, Nav-grah, Golju Maharaj, Nagdevta, Hanuman and Vivekanand. There is another major idea we are working on. PM Modi went to Jim Corbett Park with Bear Grylls. We’re making a Modi track for that. We will take tourists to places visited by Prime Minister Modi,” he told The Indian Express.

Additional CEO of Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board’s Adventure Sports Division Colonel Ashwini Pundir said he watched the episode of Man vs Wild featuring Modi, and that a tourism department team was already working on the project, especially on where to go. arrange for tourists to stay 30-40 km away.

PM Narendra Modi was a special guest on Bear Grylls’ Man vs Wild show.

“I’ve asked our people to come up with a list of places Grylls has taken the PM. We’re thinking about where to organize the stay, how to popularize the tour and what our social media plan might be. We want the tourists live the experience of the Prime Minister. We will also post reports at important times to inform you that this is the place where Prime Minister Modi carried out a particular activity,” Pundir said.

Calling Modi “the biggest influencer in the country”, Pundir gave the example of Rudra Cave where he was photographed while in meditation. Since then, Pundir said, caves like this have been pre-booked, often several years in advance.

“As soon as the plan (for the Modi circuit) is completed, we will work on the development of the area with the help of the District Magistrate and the District Tourism Development Committees. We will take the help of the locals,” he said.

Officials said that because covering the entire circuit would not take long, the plan is to attract tourists from neighboring states like Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, who can visit the weekend.

“Tourists want something new. Every place in Uttarakhand is beautiful but we need to add something as attraction point and some activities. With this circuit, we plan to achieve the same goal,” the official said.

BJP spokesman Shadab Shams hailed the move, calling Modi “the biggest brand in the state”. His name can benefit tourism in the state and should be welcomed, he said.

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Congress noted that the Man vs. Wild episode was filmed on the day an attack left 40 CRPF members dead in Pulwama, Kashmir, and asked if the BJP government planned to celebrate that.

“We don’t have a problem with tourist tours, but I don’t understand what is the major achievement of this episode that we are celebrating. When Prime Minister Modi was filming this episode, Pulwama attack happened…If we let’s create a record of something that happened on a black day, it’s not fair,” said Congressman State Speaker Karan Mahara.