What Chicago PD Actress Marina Squerciati Got From Her Dad

Do you know who actress Marina Squerciati is? She is the Chicago PD actress who rose to fame for her performance in the series. But she kept her family life personal. But recently, she revealed that she was the loving child of Wall Street mogul John R. Jakobson. At the age of twenty-five, he became the youngest person to buy a seat on the New York Stock Exchange in 1955. The Chicago PD actress has sworn to secrecy for many years. She did not reveal to the world who her father was.

But her father did not include her in his will after the death in 2017, so she broke the secret. Here you can find all the details of Marina Squerciati.

Who is Marina Squerciati?

Marina Squerciati (Marina Teresa Squerciati) was born and raised in New York City. She is the daughter of the writer Marie Squerciati. In 2003, Squerciati graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in theater.

Squerciati began her career in the theater. She won the Agnes Moorehead Award for playing the role of Judy Holliday in the play Just in Time: The Judy Holliday Story. Then she made her Broadway debut for the adaptation of To Be or Not to Be by Ernst Lubitsch. Additionally, she performed in plays like Manipulation and Beauty of the Father.

In 1993, she starred in The Nutcracker. Then she made her debut in the feature film It’s Complicated in 2009. Then she came in Alter Egos and Frances Ha. In 2009, she made her television debut starring in the 2009 Law & Order: Criminal Intent series. She has also appeared in The Good Wife, Damages and Blue Bloods series. But she drew special attention for her performance in Gossip Girl. In 2013, she starred in Chicago PD as Kim Burgess. Now the series is going to have the 8th, 9th and 10th seasons.

Is his father the Wall Street tycoon?

The Wall Street mogul died of pneumonia in 2017. She was eight to six years old at the time. In addition, he left a fortune of $ 100 million to his three children. He was married to two women during his lifetime. In 1983, Jakobson married Joan Jakobson 1983. They had a son named Nicholas. Also, he was married to his college girlfriend Barbara. With her, he had three children.

It seems that Wall Street Mogul has had several adventures in his life with various women. But Jakobson did not add Marina Squerciati to his will. Marina’s mother is the academic and writer Squerciati. Their affair lasted a year, and Marina was born in August 1981.

Marina Squerciati explained that her mother had received $ 1,200 per month from Jakobson for twenty years to keep her identity a secret. Thus, for more than twenty years, Marina kept the secret. The money was used to pay Marina’s nanny and to pay the rent for an apartment on the Upper West Side.

Another Wall Street tycoon also paid for her education. But he disappointed Marina by adding only three of her children in her will. Maggie Wheeler’s name is also in the will because it is her daughter. She played the character of Janice in Friends.

Although he took care of Marina’s education, he did not add her name in his will. He will still send flowers and gifts to Marina and even invest in a room she performed in. In addition, he told her orally that he would leave a substantial sum of money for her in his will. But he neglected to do so.

When Marina Squerciati got engaged, her mother asked her to give her a present. Then he said he would leave her some money in his will. But in his will, he left money only for his first and second wives and children.

Why did she file a lawsuit?

Maria Squerciati has filed a complaint with the court to obtain the amount to which she is entitled. In her court documents, she said her silence for all these years deprived her of the chance to form a relationship with her father. She also did not form a relationship with her half-siblings.

But Jakobson’s widow claims she and her family are unaware of the alleged existence of the natural child. When she heard the news, it hit her like a snowstorm. Jakobson’s lawyers claim that the evidence provided by Squerciati is unfounded. They believe that even though she proves that Jakobson is her father, she did not have the written evidence to prove that he wanted to leave money for her in her will.

The executor of Jakobson’s estate is his son Nicholas Jakobson. He appears to have “spent considerable time and … considerable legal costs in analyzing the request.” But according to Jakobson’s lawyers, Marina lacks written evidence. They say she had ample time as an adult to get a written note from her father. Instead, the lawyers offer him a settlement of $ 50,000. They added that unmarried children are often forced to suffer stigma which is unfair and unwarranted. They think that as a successful actress, she may have been particularly sensitive to this given her public personality and her position in popular culture ”.

The Squerciati family has yet to respond to complaints. Marina has yet to address this issue in her social media account.

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