What to expect from your partner based on their zodiac sign

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When you start to love someone romantically, there are so many questions – a person’s likes, dislikes, nature, habits – that come to your mind with that uplifting feeling of being in love. . While there are a lot of things that play a role in the future of a relationship, it should start with knowing and understanding each other perfectly.

To help you with the same, here are the 12 signs that can expect from the partners.


If your partner is a Capricorn, it would be advisable to keep your expectations low, or even none at times. This is because you might end up feeling disappointed. With them, you just have to go with the flow.


Don’t force your partner to tell you everything right away. They need time to open up. So you need to give your Aquarius partner time to be comfortable sharing how their day went and what’s going on in their head.


You can expect them to do unexpected things. They might surprise you by having a romantic candlelight dinner or writing a poem for you. Your partner prefers to do or say things out of the blue!


The Aries partner will walk you through everything at the right time. But you have to tell them that you need help.


They will endeavor to rectify any shortcomings you may have. They will always identify anything that is holding you back and that could go a long way in helping you improve.

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They tend to change very quickly. In fact, they might be thinking about two things at the same time or even changing their behavior very quickly. It’s no surprise that people say Gemini is unpredictable!


Your Cancer partner has an incorrigible habit of comparing everything. Whether it’s gifts, your personality, your actions and even your reactions; and most of the time, they don’t have any valid reason for the habit. Learn to live with it because they can’t get rid of this boring habit.


Your Leo partner might lose his temper too soon. But you can rest assured that they will always be a team player. They will be your greatest support system and are always ready to give you a shoulder to cry on.


Your partner will usually switch to resorting to creative action in most of the things they do. But don’t worry because they will reach the top in whatever they assign themselves to.


When in a relationship, a Libra will act in the dumbest way possible – making jokes etc. But whatever he/she says or does, even with silly or playful intent, he/she does it with pride.


It could be a challenge to be with a Scorpio partner. They have different shades; thus, it sometimes becomes very difficult to read them. This is why it is often said that Scorpios are mysterious but they are also stubborn. They will stand by your side in good times and bad.


Sagittarius is the same in a relationship as without one – the free spirit. You have to keep up with their pace and that is what they expect from you too. They won’t stop for you and leave you if you fall behind because they are always looking for someone who will be a partner in their adventures.

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