Who is Jazzy Distefano? About Chris Distefano’s Girlfriend

Jazzy Distefano is well known as the wife of stand-up comedian Chris Distefano. She is a Zumba instructor and is certified in group spin and fitness. In addition, she is the mother of two children. Together, they make the world an interesting place for their viewers. They use podcast shows to entertain their fans. Jazzy, also known as Jasmine or Vinny, shares a few of her punchlines and statement in the podcast. Here you can find all the details of Jazzy Distefano. Take a look at some of the unknown facts about Jazzy Distefano here.

Jazzy Distefano aka Jasmine is 37 years old. Her date of birth is April 17, 1984. Her parents are Edwin and Liz Canuelas.

Jazzy Distefano is not married to Chris Distefano

Many people consider Jazzy Distefano to be the wife of Chris Distefano. But they are not married. They both think they are very close to each other, so the marriage won’t make a difference. In addition, they have a good connection with each other.

Jazzy Distefano is a Zumba teacher

Jazzy Distefano is a successful Zumba instructor. She always looks great and also helps others stay in shape. Plus, it helps new mothers come out of postpartum depression. She trains women to get fit and stay fit. Distefano’s fitness journey began when she suffered from postpartum depression. So she has helped other mothers stay positive during and after their pregnancy.

She created a new program called Jazzymethod that mixes bodyweight training with music. So people can exercise and enjoy. His training is accessible to people following his account on social networks. People can also access it on Patreon.

Her dedication helps pregnant women get through the terrible times of postpartum depression. This is why she excels in her profession.

Jazzy Distefano is a fitness trainer, so she posts numerous training videos on her social media page. Her Instagram caption reads: “Here for moms, let me motivate you”. Many people follow her for advice on fitness and lifestyle.

About her husband

Chris Distefano is Jazzy’s husband. He is a famous comedian who started his career on MTV shows like Girl Code and Guy Code. He is well known for his observational humor. His full name is Christopher Paul Anthony Distefano and he is of German descent. He grew up in Ridgewood, Queens, and attended Archbishop Molloy High School in Queens.

Then he went to Collège Saint-Joseph where he studied psychology and played basketball. From the New York Institute of Technology, he obtained a doctorate in physiotherapy. He practiced pediatric physiotherapy before starting his career as a comedian. In addition, he started playing stand-up in August 2009. He then hosted the 2010 Masters of Fencing on the SNY network. He was chosen to host the Carolines Breakout Artist series. He was selected as a finalist for the NY Comedy Festival 2011. Then he started doing stand-up in many clubs.

He has had the opportunity to appear on numerous MTV shows like Guy Code, Girl Code, Off the Bat, Guy Court, The Challenge, and more. He became one of the US advertisers for the Netflix show Ultimate Beastmaster. From 2019 he started performing regularly and touring. Then he took part in his first special stand-up Chris Distefano: Size 38 Waist. It premiered on Comedy Central.

Distefano also does a podcast called Stand-Up with Chris Distefano. He co-starred in the Bay Ridge Boys web series with fellow comedian Yannis Pappas. In addition, he co-hosts the podcast titled History Hyenas.

Before meeting Jazzy, Chris Distefano dated the comedian Carly Aquilino from 2010 to 2014. He has a daughter named Delilah born in May 2015. Then with Jazzy Distefano, he has two children.

Her first meeting with Chris Distefano was funny

Chris Distefano shared many details about his life on his podcast. He called the conception of his first daughter an accident, but a blessing. At the time of the Hey Babe podcast, the comedian shared that the stars align in a different but good way. He met his future partner in a bar. Then Jazzy Distefano got pregnant with her child.

It changed their whole life. He also shared that Jazzy Distefano didn’t know who he was. She also thinks he’s not very fun. Then, to impress her, he continued to buy her drinks. After that, everything went well for them. Now they both have the funniest podcast ever.

Jazzy is an independent woman

Chris Distefano is still impressed by his wife’s independence. She always understands things before others. Even during her pregnancy, Jazzy did a lot of things on her own without help. Plus, she’s quick-witted and tries to improve her skills in everything.

What is Jazzy Distefano’s net worth

Jazzy Distefano’s husband has a net worth of $33 million. Its main source of income is from specials and television shows. He started his career in a small comedy club and then became a great comedian. Today he is one of the most sought-after celebrities. He also hosted various shows and entertained people with his wit and humor. He also hosts several podcasts. He is now even thirty years old.

There is no data available on Jazzy Distefano’s net worth. But she has a successful career through which she earns money. In addition, she is a well-known certified Zumba instructor. She also participates in some of her husband’s podcasts.

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