Who is Joanna, the Wife of Football Coach Marcus Freeman?

Joanna Freeman is the wife of a popular American football coach, Marcus Freeman. The two have known each other since college. Joanna is the backbone of Marcus, as she stood by him through all of life’s most difficult situations. She is even the reason Marcus is here today. In this article, let’s talk more about the wife of American football coach Marcus Freeman.

Who is Joanna Freeman?

As already stated, Joanna Freeman is the wife of the famous American football coach, Marcus Freeman. As of 2022, Joanna is 32 years old. Her exact date of birth is not available but she was born in Ohio, USA. She was raised in the place of her birth. Her nationality is American.

Joanna never revealed her personal information such as birthdays, parents and her profession, siblings, etc. to the media. But still, she is making headlines as the wife of an American trainer.

Joanna completed her education at the local public high school. Later, she went to the Ohio State University located in the United States, where she completed her bachelor’s degree. She is much more secretive, as she didn’t mention her parents online.

Marcus Freeman career

Marcus Freeman was born on January 10, 1986. He was born in Fairborn, Ohio. One of the most sought-after American coaches is Marcus Freeman. He was born to a South Korean mother, Chong, and an American father. He has an older brother named Michael Jr. The athlete completed his high school education at Wayne High School. Later, he moved to Ohio State University, where he met Joanna.

Marcus is a complete athlete and a senior coach and has

  • 127 tackles
  • Three fumbles recovered
  • Three forced fumbles
  • Four sacks

He not only plays soccer, but also knows other sports like basketball, etc. In his early days, he worked as an assistant coach at universities such as

  • Ohio State University
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Kent State University
  • Purdue University

After working at many colleges as an assistant coach, he was promoted to head coach. He works as a head coach at the University of Notre Dame. On January 8, 2021, Marcus became the defensive coordinator for the Notre Dame team. But, Brian Kelly was working in this position. Freeman replaced Brian as he was inspired by many students as a coach. Even Louisiana State University is looking to consider Freeman as a coach. But, Freeman chose to work as a coach at Notre Dame.

Marcus Freeman – Notre Dame Coach

After football legend Brian Kelly quit his job as a coach, there was no other choice but Marcus Freeman. On December 3, 2021, he was appointed manager. In 2022, Marcus will have his first game in the 2022 Fiesta Bowl against the Oklahoma State University football team.

When Brian left for LSU, Notre Dame looked for candidates from within its community but not from outside. They eventually find Marcus working as a defensive coordinator, and thus he was promoted to head coach. Marcus brought his entire family to his first press conference for his job as head coach. At the press meeting, he thanked his wife for her great support and others in the community.

How did Marcus meet Joanna?

Marcus met Joanna at Ohio State University, where they both studied for their bachelor’s degrees. They started dating from their college days and finally got married in February 2010. The couple has six children and their children’s names are

  • Vinny
  • gyno
  • sienna
  • Nico
  • Capri
  • Rocco

Joanna is on Instagram and her account is @jofree20 but she kept her account private. Marcus frequently shares photos of his extended family on Instagram. Every time Joanna and her family go on vacation, Marcus shares those photos on his social media account. He even tweeted some posts on his Twitter page about his big family.

Joanna and Marcus Love and Strong Bonding

Joanna is like the backbone of Marcus and defended him in all situations. Marcus even decides crucial things after consulting with Joanna. The interesting fact is that Joanna is the main reason Marcus chose Notre Dame. Although the coach received many offers from popular universities, Joanna’s advice was to choose Notre Dame.

This clearly shows the strong bond between Marcus and Joanna. For each decision, Marcus consults with Joanna to get some clarification.

In February 2020, Marcus shared a post on Instagram. It was the celebration of ten years of married life and Marcus wished and thanked Joanna for her support throughout. He also shared photos of her entire family and thanked the Notre Dame community for their great support of her. Marcus and his family members wanted to thank people for being so tremendously supportive.

She maintains a slim body figure as she also does yoga and exercises. Joanna has beautiful brown eyes and her hair color is also brown.

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