Unveiling the Mystery of Miriam Amirault from The Curse of Oak Island

Miriam Amirault, a renowned personality, appears as a cast member on the reality TV show, The Curse of Oak Island. Additionally, she practices as an archaeologist. This article will delve into Miriam’s personal and professional life, offering further insight into her background.

Who is Miriam Amirault?

As previously stated, Miriam Amirault is a well-known personality who features in the reality TV show, The Curse of Oak Island. The show is a documentary about history, and Miriam makes her debut appearance in Season 8, later appearing in several other episodes. Despite not playing a significant role, Miriam’s dynamic and youthful persona has made her a fan favorite. In addition to her role on the show, Miriam is an archaeologist, and she has appeared in approximately forty episodes of The Curse of Oak Island. She also contributes to The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down.

What is The Curse of Oak Island?

The documentary series, following the treasure hunt of two brothers, Rick and Marty Lagina, airs on television. The program takes place on Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, a well-known location for treasure hunters. The show, now in its ninth season, features Miriam Amirault, an archaeologist who assists the brothers in their search for lost treasure, utilizing her knowledge and skills. However, she is no longer part of the program as of now, having left after her appearances in the eighth season.

When and where was Miriam born?

Miriam was born in 1998, but her exact date of birth remains unknown. As per her birth year, she is presently twenty-three years old. Originally from Digby, Nova Scotia, Miriam practices as an archaeologist in the same location where the reality TV show is set.

What is the academic background of the archaeologist?

Miriam is a cast member of the documentary series, The Curse of Oak Island, set in Nova Scotia, which chronicles the treasure hunt of two brothers. As an archaeologist, Miriam supports the brothers in their search for the elusive treasure.

She obtained her bachelor’s degree from the University of New Brunswick, with a BA honours in Anthropology and a major in classical studies. Though initially, she did not plan to pursue a career in archaeology, she developed a deep passion for the field during her university studies, which is evident in her work on the show.

Is Maria married?

Miriam is a private individual who prefers to keep her personal life to herself, despite being part of a reality TV show. She avoids media attention and is presently single. Rumors had surfaced that Miriam would tie the knot with one of the brothers from the show.

Some even speculated that she was married to Alex Lagina on the show, but these claims were unfounded. Although the two shared chemistry on the program, they did not have a real-life romantic relationship.

How did Miriam get on the show?

Dr. Aaron Taylor met Miriam when she had just started studying at the University of New Brunswick. He invited her to participate in field archeology work to excavate a site in Cuba, which she saw as the perfect opportunity to test her interest in the subject.

Working in Cuba with Dr. Taylor sparked a love for archeology in Miriam, and she began to take the subject seriously. Later, Dr. Taylor suggested that she join the program after graduation. In addition, Miriam joined the reality show The Curse of Oak Island in the eighth season.

Where is Miriam Amirault now?

Miriam Amirault was part of the documentary reality show on the history channel. The name of the show is The Curse of Oak Island. However, after two seasons she left the show. She left the show. Currently, she works at the University of New Brunswick.

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