Who Received the Red Diamond YouTube Play Button?

YouTube gives different types of rewards to people who have become popular on their portals because of their content. So when people come up with unique content on YouTube and if it gets a lot of recognition from viewers, YouTube appreciates such personalities. One of those awards is the YouTube Red Diamond Play button. This is a special prize awarded by YouTube to channels with up to 100 million subscribers. At present, only five channels have received such honor from YouTube.

Here you will get the details of the five channels and the people behind them.

1. YouTuber PewDiePie

The real name of this famous YouTuber is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. In the online world, he is known as PewDiePie. He is originally from Sweden. He is mostly popular for his Let’s Play videos and comedy shows. In 2010, Kjellberg created a YouTube channel called “PewDiePie”. First, he started posting his Let’s Play videos based on horror and action video games.

Then his channel started to gain fame thanks to its humorous content. On August 25, he became the first person on YouTube to reach 100 million subscribers. Additionally, YouTube congratulated him on his achievement and awarded him the Red Diamond Play Button.

2. T series

Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited is a company doing business as T Series. It is an Indian film production as well as a label established by Gulshan Kumar on July 11, 1983. In addition, it is the one of the biggest record companies in India. This company has a YouTube channel which is one of the most viewed and subscribed channels on YouTube. The company has thirteen members working for the YouTube team. Due to its popularity on YouTube, it was awarded the YouTube Red Diamond Play button.

3. Cocomelon rhymes

Cocomelon is a popular American YouTube channel specializing in 3D animated videos of traditional English nursery rhymes. In addition, they contain the original children’s songs from the nursery rhymes. In 2020, this channel became one of the most viewed channels on YouTube. The channel has children, adults and animals talking to each other and singing the rhymes.

For the children to sing, the lyrics appear on the screen. This is why it has become the third channel in the world with more than 100 million subscribers.

4. SET India

Sony Entertainment Television is an Indian popular Hindi entertainment television channel. This YouTube channel got fourth place in the list due to its immense fame around the world. The TV channel was launched in September 1995 and has aired numerous drama and reality shows. Now they have a lot of well-known shows and some parts of them are shown on YouTube.

5. YouTube Channel Music

YouTube Music is a streaming channel on YouTube. Its developer is Youtube. This channel allows its users to browse songs and music videos of various genres. This is why it has become the favorite platform for music lovers. It is the fifth most subscribed channel in the world and received the Youtube Red Diamond Play Button for its popularity.


These are the five most subscribed channels on YouTube at the moment. They are the pioneers because with their incredible content, they have reached the milestone of 100 million subscribers.

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